January 13, 2022

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MODELCRUSH: Meet Ghana's New Runway Model Prince Umar, Marinating Ladies  Online With His Sensual Pictures | Ghana News Updates

As the contention for the success of Ghanaian male models continues to filter and solidify talents across the nation, one hopeful by the name of Prince Umar Faruk Abdullah continues to unshackle a barrage of sizzle Guy Candy glamour images for women across the world. A very rare approach for African male models in today’s world.

A little About The Prince

Prince Umar Faruk Abdullah, commonly identified as Prince is amongst the top FashionGHANA Honors & Awards best new male model nominees who have picked up steam on social media for his shirtless expose which dominates 80% of his Instagram account.

prince umar faruk abdullah

Born in the city of Kumasi, Prince grew up amongst 6 other siblings, 3 brothers, and 3 sisters where he learned an awful due or respect and courtesy within his relationships. “Growing up in a household of that many siblings teaches you how to be very respectful and concerned about others and dealing with conflict resolutions. Otherwise, you will be quarreling with people every day”.

The Prince Is More Than A Sex Symbol

Seductive images on the internet are not the hunk’s only claim to modeling. Prince first stretched his legs on his journey to become a runway model of Tema Fashion Week in 2020, which he describes as a nerve-wracking ecstasy moment. According to the social media hunk “It was at this very moment I believed runway was is another path I wish to explore”. Following that incident, Prince has then walked the runways of shows such as Global Fashion Week, Kumasi Fashion Week, Bryt Africa Fashion Week.

However, Prince struck luck in 2021 modeling for Africa’s most popular fashion week, Accra Fashion Week. Spectators at the show witnessed the male glamour model take on brands such as Yvonne Exclusive, Broots Fashion, Germany’s Impari Moda, and more.

prince umar faruk abdullah

Prince Models For Broots Fashion At Accra Fashion Week 2021

Despite his runway experience, the hallmark of his persona continues to be sold to his drooling ladies of Accra via his sultry male glamour images, a frequent emergence of six-packs, boxer shorts, and puppy dog eyes. A tactic he has learned to use due to the limited doors in the world of modeling in Ghana as detailed below.

Limitations Of Modeling In Ghana

Modeling in Ghana has been through various stages. However, in its inception runway and editorial jobs were once strictly achieved by connections. Major fashion shows were filled with circles of friends limiting access to models who weren’t in the circles or models who didn’t kiss their behinds to high levels. Models in the circles would simply be given the opportunity to walk the runways of the nation’s most notable designers, all simply due to their associations with casting directors, event organizers, photographers, or the designers themselves.

The fallacy that these were models of talents plagued the city of Accra until the birth of Accra Fashion Week in 2016, where what was then and now the most popular fashion show introduced, gave acknowledgment and value to a whole new set of fashion faces.

As the industry grows in 2021/22, similar circles are being born again in Ghana executing the same approach. Some of the worst characters are fixating themselves in essential positions and reaching out only to those familiar in their circles, all whilst closing doors and opportunities for even finer talents.

Prince Creates A Niche For Himself In Ghana

As the Ghanaian market tightens with connections and people receiving jobs simply because of hookups, Prince continues to construct his own niche on social media and build his own audience with his charm. Prince is one of the only models in Ghana to receive over 15,000 followers on Instagram with 100s of likes on each image. See the images that are working magic for him below.








Source: fashionghana.com

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