January 17, 2022

74-year-old woman who was jailed 27 years for a crime she didn’t commit


A 74-year-old woman who was wrongfully put behind bars for 27 years for the murder of a relative has finally gained her freedom.

Joyce Watkins, from Tennessee, US, was acquitted for killing her great-niece which dates back to 1987 when she and her then-boyfriend had gone to pick up her niece to spend some time with her.

The next day, Watkins’ niece, Brandi was unresponsive and was rushed to the hospital where it was detected that Brandi had suffered from head trauma and had injuries to her privates.

74-Year-Old Woman Who Spent 27 Years In Prison For Murder She Didn't Commit  Finally Exonerated - UNILAD

The two were with Brandi for two hours, and the medical examiner concluded she got the injuries while with them.

In 1988, Watkins and Dunn were convicted of aggravated rape and first-degree murder. It was later established that the medical examiner made an error, leading to their wrongful conviction.

After spending 27 years in jail, they were granted parole, but Dunn died in prison.

“I wish my daddy was here to witness this day. He knew he was innocent, he knew he did not commit those crimes,” Dunn’s daughter said.

Watkins and Dunn’s lawyer said he is unsure whether their families will be compensated for their wasted time spent in jail.













source: ghbase.com

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