08. August 2022

A-Plus ‘trashes people to rise’ – Feli Nuna


Musician, Feli Nuna, says she has observed that Kwame A-Plus insults others to stay relevant.

According to the singer, A-Plus, who is a musician and politician, tarnishes the reputation of others and belittles their hard work to rise.

“I feel like that is what he does to stay relevant… He trashes people to rise. But that is the wrong thing to do. And it is uncouth in my opinion.”

She made these comments on HitzFm’s Daybreak Hitz, July 1, 2022.

Feli Nuna’s statements come after the two had a heated exchange on UTV’s United Showbiz weeks ago.

On that episode of the show, A-Plus said “your boyfriend is rich but does not work in showbiz. So, you’re going to look for someone to invest while your boyfriend hides his?” he asked Feli Nuna.

She asked him if the comments he made added up to him, as they didn’t go down well with her.

“Does what you are saying make sense?” she asked and continued that “my boyfriend is a proud Poet and a Research Scientist. He is not an investor even though he sponsored one of my music videos. He has sense more than you (A Plus). He supports me as his woman. He is not into the music business, my job as a musician has nothing to do with him. When I go to an investor or go to a label, it is me as Feli Nuna that is going and I am going as a professional musician. I am not going for you to come and have a personal interest in me or sleep with me before you help me or work with me.”

On Friday, the ‘Towel’ singer was asked about how the relationship between her and A-Plus is like at the moment.

She responded that she doesn’t have “any relationship with him. I have never had a relationship with him. He has never been in my circle.”




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