Actor Van Vicker Pens Down Touching Message As He Celebrates 17 Years Of Marriage With Wife

Ghanaian actor, Van Vicker, has taking social media to celebrate his 17th marriage anniversary with his noble wife.

Taking to Instagram, the renounced actor shared some touching message to his wife to mark their 17th marriage anniversary.

He also recounted how his wife accepted to marry him even though he was a nobody and also poor at that time.

His touching message reads,

“So today is an extremely special day in my life.

The day I took that bold step to join the ‘Men’ of this World, the day one of my dream was accomplished; I relished the idea of being married young.

I had just started life (26yrs), no university degree cos I had no funds or support to pay the tuition few years earlier, working hand to mouth, living in a small rented apartment, a rickety car that made me acquire skills of that of a mechanic, no real furniture, embraced hardwork as a principle to my succes struggle, etc.

But on this day I knew I had literally ‘bought’ WEALTH.

Don’t get me wrong, she had no known inheritance of any sort nor were her parents well to do as rumour has it.

My life changed on that day. I knew I made the right decision when she bore our first daughter in 2004. I felt the way my mother felt when she had me in 1977. Joy was an understatement.

You see, riches is not necessarily the physical cash. Riches is love, happiness, sharing, one spirit, planning as a team, following through together, supporting each other, the list is endless. Riches is making real investment in yourself, your spouse, following your visceral reactions, being guided by Divinity, etc.

To date, I have no regrets. Even if I had not become who I am or couldn’t afford the finer things in life today.

I STILL would have hanckered to meet you on May 16, 1994; STILL would have married @adjoaavv because I was in LOVE.

I could ‘see’ no other woman. It was as if I was freaking blinded, hahaha.

I was convinced she was the 1, she was my TRUE soul mate.

26 years ago we started off as 2 people. 10years later, we became 3, 4 and finally a team of 5 members 12 years ago. Thank God we are STILL HERE.

Life is about choices.

Don’t misconstrue me, we are not a perfect couple but indeed life is about CHOICES.

The choices u make from the get go can change your life. The choices u make during life’s journey can destroy or build u.

You get what you give, so give what you want.

Happy 17th Anniversary my love @adjoaavv You are my wealth. I love you ‘die’.

(I started off with the intention of writing 2 or 3 sentences, now see me,😄 )”