29. September 2022

“Apologise to liquorose, the person you hurt, not us” – Fans slam BBNaija’s Emmanuel, rejects his apology


“Apologies to liquorose, the person you hurt, not us” – Fans slam BBNaija’s Emmanuel, rejects his apology

Reality TV star, Emmanuel Umoh is popularly known as Emmanuel has taken to his Twitter account to apologize to his fans over what transpired between him and liquorose.

Recall that, during the BBNaija Reunion he was called out by his ex-girlfriend, Liquorose for disrespecting her while they were on a trip to Dubai.

Emmanuel has apologized to his fans and the general public for disappointing so many people. He also, stated that he has learned his lessons and trying to be a better man.

In his words:

“…the last couple of weeks has been quite something and It has taken me a little while to put my thoughts into words. I have made mistakes and I’m by no means perfect but watching myself at the reunion and seeing all of it made me realize I need to reassess a lot of things. It’s needless to say I respect women a lot.

I’m putting in the work to be a better person because I could be many things but that person at the reunion and in those issues isn’t it at all I’ll also like to take this time to apologize to all who felt disappointed by my actions, my fans, my brands, and my family, words aren’t enough to say how sorry I am but I can promise to put in the work to be a better man, you all can be proud of.

And to all those who have stood solidly behind me, words aren’t enough but, I hope a thank you, for now, will suffice. In the same spirit, I welcome you all to a new month, the second part of the year, and I wish you all, more life and more grace to carry on I love you all”

Reacting to this, Fans of Liquorose slammed him asking him to apologize to the one he hurt which is liquorose and not them.

Some of the comments below:

@Mhiz Bérry wrote:

“Send the apologies to the person that needs it the person you hurt with your lies”

@Queen Golden

“Money done finish sapa done Dey blow this one he dey use style find shippers money oga get out mumu person, carry your apology go repair your 68 teeth akpan, abii sakskay done break your heart? i be think to say you Dey mumu Dey form unbothered before?”

@Amy Wa wrote:

“Na lie! Such a man would only do such if there has been a negative monetary impact on him. In other words, no more new endorsements, negative brand impact.

The guy no be am!! Him management no advise am well because even the apology is coming in a bit late”.

Screenshot 2022 07 01 at 22 10 46 Emmanuel Umoh Jr.🤴🏽 on Twitter

credit: mcebiscoo.com