November 1, 2021

Benedicta Gafah attacked over her dress to her father’s one-week celebration

Ghanaian actress and TV star, Benedicta Gafah, has been criticized massively on social media following the attire she wore to her father’s one-week celebration.

In the video sighted Instagram, Benedicta Gafah is seen in a stylish long sleeve shirt made of a funeral cloth.

he attire has been designed in a way that her chest was bare for all to see.

Many people have complained about her style. In Ghana, the acceptable thing is that a bereaved person wears a slit and Kaba.

This must be in a way that connotes pain and agony, not a fashionable one like Gafah wore.

Some people have concluded that Gafah might have plans of going to a party from the funeral.

Watch the video below :







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