• November 14, 2019

    Zonnique Pullins And Her Mom, Tiny Harris’ Latest Photo Together Has Fans In Awe

    Zonnique Pullins made her fans happy with a couple of new pics that she shared on her social media account. She posted photos from a recent event in which she took part together with her mom.
    Zonnique Pullins And Her Mom, Tiny Harris' Latest Photo Together Has Fans In AweComplex

    ‘when nobody wants to move to get rid of the shadows…swipe over to see me and my twin club pic,’ Zonnque captioned her photo.

    Someone said: ‘This second pic giving me Crucial vibes,’ and another fan posted this: ‘Cute. I was there. The love your mom has for you was too sweet. 💕💕’

    One other follower said: ‘Somewhere between ghetto & boujie 😌 Im here for it,’ and another Instagrammer posted: ‘That’s when the flash would’ve come in handy.’

    A fan gushed over the two ladies and wrote: ‘My two biggest favs that I really love looks amazing. 😍’

    One other commenter posted: ‘It was so great to see you again! I’ve grown up with you and loved everything about you since the omg girl days! You are still that beautiful ray of sunshine ☀️ love you, Nique! 😘’

    There were also the usual fans who are asking Zonnique for new music.

    They have been asking her during the entire year when she will be dropping some new tunes, and she has not addressed the subject.

    Her mom, on the other hand, made fans excited when she hinted at the fact that some new music is coming soon from Zonnique.







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  • November 14, 2019

    A Plus is right; NPP is a v!olεnt and an intolerant party – Lydia Forson

    Actress Lydia Forson who has in time past been in a turf war with the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP) concurs with claims by controversial musician, A Plus that the elephant party is an intolerant and violent party.

    She reveals that she’s so happy that after several years, Kwame A Plus has come to accept the fact that violent and does not tolerant views of others.

    In a thread of tweets, the actress recounted how Kwame A Plus rained insults on her for saying the New Patriotic Party was intolerant.

    A-Plus dished out his own condemnation of Lydia, describing her as a phoney, whose only asset was the ability to write good English.

    He erroneously interpreted Lydia’s remarks as a call on the NPP not to criticise the governing National Democratic Congress (NDC), saying that the actress wanted to prevent the NPP from resisting what he called oppressor’s rule.

    “You want them to be tolerant and happy? That is how you want the country to run? You don’t know what is happening; you can only write good English and talk plenty,” A-Plus said.

    “You don’t want us to be angry with people who are spending our money, people who have taken our monies to go and plant trees and ended up saying they were burnt?,” he added.

    Lydia Forson has however said that finally she’s happy Kwame A Plus agrees with her on something.

    She said ” I’m just happy that after all these years we can finally agree on something”.

    “Watching you these past few years morph from one of NPP’s key mouthpieces online into one who now speak against them has been interesting. I haven’t known how to react to it because this was you not so long ago. But I can’t judge your growth/evolvement.”









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  • November 14, 2019

    Medikal And Fella Makafui Share Passionate Kiss @Welcome To Sowutuom Launch

    Fella Makafui and her boyfriend Medikal are soo much in love and this picture confirms it. The pair were spotted at the launch of Welcome To Sowutuom concert and along the line, they were spotted kissing and smooching each other.

    Medikal’s ‘Welcome To Sowutuom’ concert which was slated for 30th November 2019 at the Kwashieman park was launched last night.

    source: pinaxonline.com
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  • November 14, 2019

    Daym! Drake booed off stage in Los Angeles

    The Champagne Papi better know as Drake had it rough in Los Angeles.

    Tyler The Creator’s had his annual Camp Flog Gnaw Festival in Los Angeles where he invited Drake to make a surprise appearance on stage.

    We love The Champagne Papi or so I thought but no that crowd that was expecting Frank Ocean and got him instead.

    He announced that he came for his fans and told them if they want more that is what he will give them but if they do not want then ooh well, he will leave. Sadly they picked the latter.

    You know, ama tell you like I said i am here for you and if you want me to keep going I will keep going wassup?

    Before he said anything else, the crowd was loud saying no they do not want him. That is when the booing started. It was clear to him he was done for the night so he gave in by sending them love.

    “Well look its been love, I go by the name Drake and thank you for having me.” DRake concluded

    The truth about Drake and Kylie Jenner’s relationship










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  • November 14, 2019

    Failed socialite and former Nairobi Diaries cast member Vanessa Chettle pregnant again

    Vanessa Chettle/ Instagram

    Vanessa Cheruto ora as she used to be known as, Vanessa Chettle is about to be a proud mother of two if the good Lord blesses her as she is currently with child. The former Nairobi Diaries cast member who was booted from the show due to her violent tendencies is currently beaming with the glow only pregnancy can give a woman.

    Socialite Vanessa Chettle All Happy After Leaving Police Cell (Photo)

    The young failed socialite who is already a mother of one has been celebrating every step of her pregnancy journey, letting followers; fans and haters alike know how she is doing with each passing day.

    Socialite Vanessa Chettle goes to rehab without anyone noticing

    She had previously been posting the new man in her life, a more mature man who I believe is the best fit for the lass whose life for the longest time was a circus as she now has an older man who can handle her madness.

    And she recently celebrated her birthday showing off her burgeoning pregnancy. We at Kiss 100 wish her a successful pregnancy and may she have a happy relationship and possibly marriage with her new man Maina.

    And she has










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  • November 14, 2019

    Ghanaians Behave Like Villagers-Efia Odo Jabs Ghanaians

    Speaking in an interview with Sammy Kay, Efia Odo revealed that Ghanaians sometimes behave like villagers.

    She made this statement in response to a question she was asked on what she thinks about the Fantana brouhaha that occurred at the album launch.

    Efia suggested that camera man who took the shot of Fantana in pad should have take something else but still went ahead to take that shot all because of village.

    Below is the video:

    source: pinaxonline.com
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  • November 14, 2019

    “Wee Is My Property And I Like It Very Much” — King Ayisoba

    King Ayisoba has divulged that ‘weed’ is his property and he likes it so much.

    Speaking in an interview on Accra-based Happy Fm, King Ayisoba detailed that he will prefer weed to cigarette or Tramadol any day.

    “I prefer weed to cigarette and Tramadol. Weed is my property. And I like it very much”, he said.

    According to him, tramadol and cigarette have flooded the Ghanaian market which is really bad.

    He revealed that Tramadol and cigarette are harmful to the human body but weed is better than the two.

    “It is better for weed to be legalised. Doing so will rid the streets of tramadol”, he disclosed.

    King Ayisoba further revealed that he will be elated if ‘weed’ or ‘marijuana’ is legalized in Ghana.









    source: ghanawish.com

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  • November 14, 2019

    Deadly school shooting in California

    Los Angeles County Sheriffs are responding to Saugus High School in Santa Clarita for a reported shooting.

    Students can be seen in aerial footage from affiliates being evacuated from the school.
    The suspect is an Asian male. At least three victims on gurneys have been taken out of the high school, as seen on affiliate aerials.

    Saugus High School and two nearby elementary schools are on lockdown, according to LA County Sheriff’s Department.
    Here are aerials from above the school. Multiple police cars and ambulances can be seen outside Saugus High School in Santa Clarita, California, right now.

    This is what the scene looks like from above:







    Source: CNN

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  • November 14, 2019

    Robyn Crawford Chronicles Whitney Houston’s Life-Long Battle With Drug Addiction In Her New Book

    When Whitney Houston sat down for an interview with Diane Sawyer in 2002, she vehemently denied having a drug problem and infamously made the statement “crack is whack.” But, according to Houston’s best friend Robyn Crawford, the singer struggled with drug addiction her entire life.
    Robyn Crawford Chronicles Whitney Houston's Life-Long Battle With Drug Abuse In Her New Book, Claims The Singer Refused To Go To RehabSource: Instagram

    In her new memoir A Song for You: My Life with Whitney Houston, Crawford reveals that Houston tried cocaine for the first time at the age of 14. She says a local guy in their native New Jersey would sometimes give them “blow” when they were partying as teenagers, but things escalated quickly when Houston became one of the most famous and successful singers on Earth.

    When Houston first found fame in the mid-80s, she took part in First Lady Nancy Reagan’s “Just Say No” campaign by appearing in an anti-drug PSA, and Crawford said she immediately called her friend out for being hypocritical.

    “People are going to think you’re drug free and you’re not,” Crawford allegedly told her. “It’s not right to say one thing in public, and do another in secret.”

    Crawford says Houston often promised she would stop doing drugs, but she never stayed true to her word. She claims that during Houston’s Greatest Love Tour in 1986, drug dealers were everywhere to take care of Houston and her entourage, and one of her band members called it “The Greatest Drug Tour.”

    By 1987, Houston straight up refused to stop using drugs and had no interest in going to rehab. Crawford says that one night Houston got so mad at her at a party when she tried to get her to stop that Houston screamed, “Take Robyn’s a** home before I kill her!”

    After Houston married Bobby Brown in 1992, Crawford says Houston spiraled out of control, and she says that the couple was “strung out of their minds” throughout their entire relationship.

    Crawford also reveals that Houston did, in fact, smoke crack after she asked her brother Michael – who also suffered from addiction – if she could try it.

    By 2000, Crawford and Houston’s friendship had come to an end because Houston and Brown’s tumultuous marriage and drug abuse was causing erratic behavior. Houston was also regularly blowing off rehearsals and not showing up for performances.

    “There was nothing I could do to make things any better,” says Crawford.

    During Houston’s final days in 2012, Crawford says that CeCe Winans told her the singer was “skin and bones” the last time they talked. Whitney Houston died in a Los Angeles hotel room on February 11, 2012, at the age of 48. Robyn Crawford wrote that when she found out about her friend’s tragic death, she felt like her “insides were shattering.”

    A Song for You: My Life with Whitney Houston is now available online and in bookstores.







    source: celebrityinsider.org

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  • November 14, 2019

    Hillary Clinton Confirms She Might Run For President Again And Defends Meghan Markle Against Racist Tabloids

    Hillary Clinton sure knows how to make headlines. While promoting her new book, The Book of Gutsy Women, the former secretary of state made an appearance on BBC Radio 5 Live where she shocked many by saying that she is thinking about jumping in the already-crowded 2020 Democratic presidential primary.

    Meghan Markle Hillary Clinton Run For PresidentCredit: Vogue

    Clinton claims that “many, many, many people” are pressuring her to challenge President Donald Trump in next year’s general election.

    The politician said:“I, as I say, never, never, never say never. I will certainly tell you, and I’m under enormous pressure from many, many, many people to think about it.”

    Clinton added: “But as of this moment, sitting here in this studio talking to you, that is absolutely not in my plans.”

    Clinton had many kind words for Meghan Markle, who is often getting bashed by the media no matter what she does or says.

    Clinton shared: “Oh my God, I want to hug her! I feel as a mother, and I just want to put my arms around her. I want to tell her to hang in there, don’t let those bad guys get you down. Keep going, do what you think is right.”

    She went on to reveal: “We each have to do what we think is the right thing for ourselves and in her case, I would imagine for her son… I think absolutely there’s a racist and a sexist element to what’s going on here. She has made her own way in the world. Then she falls in love, and he falls in love with her, and everybody should be celebrating that because it is a true love story. You can just look at them and see that.”

    Clinton then stated: “You know, it’s not easy. And there are some techniques that can be learned along the way, some humor, some deflection, whatever, which I’m sure she will come to. But it is tough what she is going through. And I think she deserves a lot better.”

    Both Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have spoken publicly about how hard it is to be scrutinized in the Harry & Meghan: An African Journey documentary.

    Meghan revealed: “I never thought that this would be easy, but I thought it would be fair. That’s the part that’s really hard to reconcile. I cannot begin to describe how painful it has been.”








    source: celebrityinsider.org

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  • November 14, 2019

    #IamToufah: Breaking the silence on sexual assault in Gambia

    Toufah, a survivor, leads movement after becoming first woman to allege sexual assault by ex-leader Yahya Jammeh.

    Fatou Jallow, known as Toufah, says she was raped by former Gambian leader Yahya Jammeh after he noticed her in 2014, when at 19 she won a beauty pageant [Courtesy: TRRC]
    Fatou Jallow, known as Toufah, says she was raped by former Gambian leader Yahya Jammeh after he noticed her in 2014, when at 19 she won a beauty pageant [Courtesy: TRRC]

    Banjul, the Gambia – Sitting beside a banner with the words “The truth shall set you free”, Fatou Jallow, known as Toufah, recounted the details of her alleged rape by Yahya Jammeh, the Gambia’s former president, while her family listened in the hearing room of the Gambia’s Truth, Reconciliation and Reparations Commission (TRRC).

    “I know a lot of people will find it difficult to believe what I have said, when you live in a culture whereby you believe that women should be quiet. It’s a culture where you have to keep secrets, that’s the culture that I come from,” Jallow said in her concluding statement late last month.

    Jallow, 23, is the unexpected catalyst for the Gambia’s “Me Too” moment.

    Earlier this year, she became the first woman to publicly accuse Jammeh of rape in an investigation by NGOs Human Rights Watch and Trial International. 

    She alleges that Jammeh assaulted her during a Ramadan festival at State House as punishment for refusing to accept his marriage proposal – she had caught his eye when she won a beauty pageant in 2014. 

    Her five-hour testimony to the TRRC on October 31 was eagerly awaited, watched by the nation as it was broadcast live on TV and the internet. 

    Young women wearing “I am Toufah” T-shirts sat in solidarity in the hearing room, which was open to the public.

    The episode, which has seen victims speak out about being raped by members of security forces and former government officials, has exposed systemic levels of sexual violence during Jammeh’s rule.

    The issue often remains hidden because the stigma attached to the victim is also seen as a stain on the family name.


    The revelations have been a difficult awakening for a society where sexual abuse is, as in many countries from east to west, still a taboo.

    “These were crimes committed using the power and the resources of the state, but it also shines a light onto the wider societal problems [in the Gambia] that rape goes under-reported. If it weren’t for the truth commission this wouldn’t be coming out,” said Reed Brody, legal counsel for Human Rights Watch, which is part of the Jammeh2Justice Coalition campaigning to bring Jammeh to trial.

    Human rights activist Sirra Ndow, who works with survivors of sexual and gender-based violence, said: “We as a country are struggling with how to deal with sexual violence. For me, the fact that this is being addressed as part of a transitional justice process is a big step forward for us in Gambia.

    “The issue often remains hidden because the stigma attached to the victim is also seen as a stain on the family name.”

    Speaking to Al Jazeera from her adopted home of Toronto, Canada, shortly before returning to the Gambia, Jallow said an “overwhelming” number of women confessed their stories to her after she spoke out. 

    “It was a learning experience, I thought ‘Oh my god, I knew it’s bad, but I didn’t know it was to this extent’. 

    “So, when I go before the TRRC I am sitting on behalf of these hidden voices and stories and atrocities,” she said. 

    Preparing to testify, knowing she and her family would have to re-live her ordeal under intense public scrutiny, was not easy.


    Gambia’s Jammeh ‘handpicked’ women for rape, abuse

    She had already faced a backlash as some people tried to discredit her story. She is still constantly attacked on social media.

    “My family in Gambia have been threatened, we have had to get security,” she said.

    She believes most of her critics are Jammeh supporters, who still see him as their visionary leader, even though he has been in exile in Equatorial Guinea since January 2017.

    Others accuse Jallow of being “too strong” to be a victim. 

    “I don’t fit the preconceived notion of what a victim looks like,” said Jallow, who has had years of counselling.

    “It would be a missed opportunity and very unfair to generations to come that we were not bold enough to make sure this part of our history is documented,” she said.

    Marion Volkmann-Brandau, a human rights consultant who led an 18-month investigation into sexual violence on behalf of the Jammeh2Justice Coalition, said: “The oppressive regime was very conducive to sexual violence by powerful men and Jammeh was showing the way.

    “With Jammeh at the top of the pyramid, there was an atmosphere of impunity that permeated through the ranks of authority.”

    You had to be ready to come to him whenever he wanted. It was more like being a sexual object for him.


    Testimony by Jallow and a former protocol officer, who spoke as an unidentified witness via Skype audio, allege that Jammeh employed an elaborate system to manipulate and sexually abuse young women from poor backgrounds.

    They said they were befriended and groomed by his niece and protocol chief, Jimbee Jammeh, given expensive gifts, and sometimes jobs serving at State House as his euphemistically titled “protocol girls”.

    “He was taking advantage of how vulnerable girls were, he used that to abuse women. He would give protocol officers some attention and gifts, sometimes a house or a car, but then treated them like his own property,” the former protocol officer told the commission. “You had to be ready to come to him whenever he wanted. It was more like being a sexual object for him,”

    Culture of impunity

    Jallow said most girls did not say “no” to Jammeh, or anyone else in authority, fearing repercussions. 

    “My saying of ‘no’ did not come from me being brave and strong, it really did come from naivety, it came from my misunderstanding of the gravity of power that he holds because I was never political, I never really knew what has been going on,” she told Al Jazeera.

    Jallow said on one occasion, she was injected with a drug and anally raped in a bedroom of the State House. 

    During the assault, she could hear Quranic recitation from the Ramadan celebrations outside. 

    “He knew he had a great cover-up, who would have thought that this was happening inside?”, she told the commission.

    For its part, Jammeh’s APRC party has previously denied the claims.

    Volkmann-Brandau said a culture of impunity remains in the Gambia, long after Jammeh’s departure. 

    “There’s a whole mindset that needs to change,” she said, noting sexual abuse allegations that have emerged on social media with the #IamToufah movement. 

    Horejah Bala-Gaye, the TRRC’s deputy lead counsel who questioned witnesses said it is time for the Gambia to get a grip on the issue.

    “Hopefully, this will be the impetus for transformative change,” she said.

    “I feel that people are confronted with the reality and now, it’s a question of, as a nation, what can we do to deal with this?”

    Toufah Jallow's testimony [Courtesy: TRRC]
    Toufah has been the target of hate online, with critics trying to discredit her story of sexual abuse at the hands of Yahya Jammeh, former Gambian president [Courtesy: TRRC]













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  • November 14, 2019

    GCB Bank donates 1,500 chairs to Acherensua SHS

    GCB Bank Limited has donated 1,500.00 chairs to the Acherensua Senior High School (ACHISCO) in the Ahafo region.

    The chairs were purchased for the School in response to an appeal by the Management of the School.

    The Deputy Managing Director of GCB, Mr Samuel Amankwah, on behalf of Management of the Bank presented the chairs to the School.

    He explained that GCB prioritises education under its corporate social responsibility programme, hence the decision to support the school.

    The Headmaster of the School, George Awuah Jnr, who received the chairs, was highly elated for the gesture from the Bank.

    He lauded the quantum and quality of the chairs saying it would bring huge benefit and relief to the school.

    On behalf of the Board and Management of the School, he pledged to take good care of the chairs.










    Source: Ghana | Myjoyonline.com

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  • November 14, 2019

    AFCON 2021 qualifiers wrap: Nigeria, Senegal win as Cameroon held at home

    The 2021 Afcon qualifiers kicked off with many continental heavyweights in action.

    Nigeria came from behind to get their 2021 Africa Cup of Nations qualifying campaign to a positive start with a 2-1 Group L win over Benin at Akwa Ibom Stadium in Uyo.

    After a scare from Stephane Sessegnon’s early goal for Benin, the Super Eagles recovered to collect three points at home and take an early lead in Group L.

    Victor Osimhen converted from the penalty spot on the stroke of half-time while Samuel Kalu struck just after the hour mark to complete the comeback for Nigeria.

    Thanks to Sierra Leone and Lesotho’s 1-1 draw on the same day, Nigeria top the group.

    The Super Eagles will now try to build on Wednesday’s result when they visit Lesotho on Sunday while Benin host Sierra Leone.

    In Group I, Senegal beat Congo 2-0 to start their campaign on a high.

    Guinea-Bissau, however, lead Group I following a 3-0 win over Eswatini earlier on.

    It is an interesting start in this pool where Senegal would be keen to maintain their good start when they collide with Eswatini on Sunday.

    Congo would be looking to recover from their setback at home against Guinea-Bissau on the same day.

    For 2017 African champions Cameroon, it was a slow start after they were held to a disappointing 0-0 draw by Cape Verde at home.

    The Indomitable Lions will have to pick themselves up in their next match away in Rwanda, the same day Cape Verde host Mozambique.

    Elsewhere, Sudan fired warning shots on South Africa with a 4-0 home thumping of Sao Tome e Principe.

    It was the biggest win of this round so far as Sudan now visit Bafana Bafana for Sunday’s Group C clash high on confidence.

    Meanwhile, Orlando Pirates winger Gabadinho Mhango’s goal was the decider as Malawi edged South Sudan 1-0 in a Group B match in Blantyre.

    Mhango continued with his fine form across all competitions, having been on fire for Pirates recently.

    In a shocking result on Wednesday, Angola were stunned 3-1 at home by visiting Gambia in Luanda.

    A brace by FC Zurich forward Assan Ceesay and a late goal by Belgium-based Sulayman Marreh saw Gambia come from behind to overturn Wilson Eduardo’s early opener for Angola.

    The result could have complicated Angola’s campaign in Group D which also includes DR Congo and Gabon.










    Source: Goal.com

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  • November 14, 2019

    Female rangers in Malawi: ‘Only the strongest survive’

    In Malawi 11 percent of rangers across the country are women, but efforts are under way to increase gender diversity.

    Female rangers in Malawi: 'Only the strongest survive'
    Trace Banda is one of just 52 female field rangers in Malawi [Rabson Kondowe/Al Jazeera]

    Kasungu, Malawi – Trace Banda stands outside the rangers’ camp carrying an M-16 assault rifle as she prepares for an anti-poaching training exercise inside the park.

    “This is not an easy job, it’s typical bush life. Only the strongest survive,” she said.

    Banda, 35, is a ranger and risks her life to save wildlife at Kasungu National Park.

    Situated in the district of Kasungu, home to about 55,000 people, it is the second-biggest national park in the country at 2,316sq km.

    It is known for its population of elephants but over the years, they have been threatened by poachers. The population dropped from more than 1,000 in the 1990s to about 50 in 2015. Currently, there are about 120 grey giants.

    Banda never thought she would become a field ranger.

    In 2005, she enrolled for mechanical engineering in college but later dropped out because of financial constraints.

    Unemployed, in 2008 she applied to be a field ranger even though she had little idea what lied ahead.

    When she first arrived at the park, it dawned on her that she was the only female ranger.

    “After I was shortlisted, I went for training, the training was to determine whether or not I was fit enough to become a ranger. It was very tough, I had to run every morning, sometimes with a backpack of 15kgs, but I survived.”

    Malawi - DO NOT USE
    Rangers undergo an anti-poaching training exercise [Rabson Kondowe/Al Jazeera]

    To prepare for the role, rangers learn about animal behaviour.

    But confrontations with animal poachers, where gunshots are often exchanged, can bring more danger.

    “I went in the jungle with three other colleagues of mine, it was a night combat, I heard a gunshot and immediately woke my colleagues.

    “We saw the poachers coming, and we began shooting and they were shooting back while escaping, but I know we managed to shoot one because we saw a trail of blood on the ground,” said Banda.

    Rangers also guard and protect animals from intruders.

    “It’s difficult for a woman to find a husband unless you meet someone who’s a ranger as well. I was fortunate to find a husband who’s a ranger like me, who understands me when I go out in the field for weeks.

    “When we go out in the field, it’s only one woman with about four men.”

    Catherine Sibale, 22, is also one of Malawi’s few female rangers.

    “Unfortunately, there isn’t any female who holds a managerial position here at the park, it’s all men. So, it’s usually tough for them to relate to our grievances,” she said.

    A 2016 World Wildlife Fund survey of 570 rangers across 12 African countries including Zimbabwe, Zambia and South Africa found that just 19 percent were women.

    According to Malawi’s department of national parks and wildlife, since 2006 there has been an increase in women rangers.

    However, the intake has been low – the Kasungu park only has eight female rangers out of 82 field rangers. 

    In all national parks in the country, there are only 52 female rangers out of a total of 478 rangers, representing 11 percent.

    “In compliance to the gender policy, at some point we want recruitment to be 50:50,” said Bright Kumchedwa, director of the National Parks and Wildlife.

    Alexander Gombar, the chairperson for Wildlife Environmental Society of Malawi, said women bring unique qualities to the role.

    “Women are next to God because they are co-creators with God,” he said. “Women rangers bring new perspectives in wildlife conservation, they use natural resources more than men.

    “Their involvement bridges the gap in knowledge as they can also communicate to women better on the state of wildlife.”

    Like Banda, 23-year-old Limbani Chirwa had dreams of another profession.

    She had wanted to be a reporter and studied journalism, but in 2018 joined Kasungu National Park as a field ranger because she was unable to find a job in media.

    “Despite not doing what I’ve always wanted to do, I have grown into this newfound profession of mine. It’s scary yes, but who isn’t afraid of wild animals?” she said.

    “I’m now passionate when it comes to protecting animals and trees, and it’s thrilling because most of my friends look up to me as a hero. They are in awe, like how can a young lady be in this sort of daunting work?”

    Malawi - DO NOT USE
    Limbikani Chirwa had wanted to be a journalist but unable to find a job in media, she became a field ranger and now says she is committed to her profession as a ranger [Rabson Kondowe/Al Jazeera]

    Joseph Chauluka, an assistant officer at Kasungu National Park, trains the rangers.

    “When we are working in the bush, we don’t discriminate, we don’t see these women as women because of most of these women even outperform men,” he said.

    “The park is pleased to have them, with their efforts we have managed to apprehend many poachers, they are also key in [raising awareness among] the community on wildlife conservation.”

    As she looks to advance her career in the field, Banda is now pursuing a degree in tourism management. 

    “I still want to be in this field when I finish my studies, and be in management so as to provide opportunities to women.”







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  • November 14, 2019

    Ensure release of ¢300m to protect children – The Ghana NGO Forum to presidency

    Cynthia Morrison is the Gender, Children and Social Protection Minister

    The Ghana NGO Forum has urged the presidency to ensure the full release of ¢300 million every year beginning from 2020 to adequately fund and implement existing policies and legal instruments to protect children.

    They charged Parliament and the Gender, Children and Social Protection Minister to enforce the many policies and legal instruments on child protection such as the Child and Family Welfare Policy and Foster Care Regulations.

    In a communique issued in Accra, the Forum expressed sincere appreciation to the President Akufo-Addo “for the support provided so far to vulnerable and struggling families such as the Livelihood Empowerment Against Poverty (LEAP), Capitation Grants, National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS), free maternal care, free school uniforms and bus rides, the School Feeding Policy and the Early Childhood Care and Development Policy.”

    During the forum, the group concluded that the family is the primary unit in which children thrive and therefore must be supported in every way possible to perform its role in the healthy development of the child.

    The Forum highlighted the responsibility for protecting children from neglect saying the “State is responsible for caring for out-of-home children and government must reflect an understanding of this lead role in its display of strong political will, strengthened legal framework, and above all adequate resource allocation and investment into the implementation of child protection policies and plans.”

    The group also charged “Non-governmental Organisations (NGOs) and other Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) must play their role, one aspect of which is keeping government accountable in the provision of essential services for children in compliance with the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.”

    Also, in addition, The Ghana NGO Forum urged “Faith-Based Organizations (FBOs) including churches, mosques and shrines are to use their platforms to discourage malpractices and violence against children.

    They said Faith groups, are to educate their members and officers on preventing and responding to child neglect and abuse in line with the CRC and the relevant GOG polices.

    As part of suggestions to firm up the issue of child protection, The Ghana NGO Forum called for a non-partisan technical group to advise the presidency on issues to do with child protection, possibly an Inter-ministerial Coordinating Committee on Child Protection chaired by the President or the Vice President.

    They suggest a well-trained and resourced social worker to increase community awareness, respond promptly to incidents of abuse and strengthen families in communities across the country.

    As part of recommendations, they say “members of the NGO Forum Organizing Committee for the bold initiative to convene Ghana’s Non-Governmental Organizations in a forum to inspire a constructive dialogue among participants to advance the cause of children in Ghana and in particular to clarify the roles of various stakeholders in the prevention of child neglect.”

    The Ghana NGO Forum agreed to commit their collective efforts to ensure the successful implementation of the policies around child protection.

    “We are committed to engage the national leaders, faith-based organizations, traditional authorities and other important stakeholders to actively contribute their time and energies to ensure the successful implementation of the policies,” the group said.

    They have agreed to engage the Presidency, Gender Ministry, Media and other stakeholders to increase awareness on pressing issues with regards to Child Rights including Child Protection.

    “We finally resolved to stick together as a Civil Society Coalition with a coordinating committee fully committed to the successful implementation of strategic decisions taken, coordination of our efforts and holding government accountable to its mandate with regards to preventing child neglect,” The Ghana NGO Forum said.









    Source: Ghana | Myjoyonline.com | Abubakar Ibrahim

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  • November 14, 2019

    Gov’t must show commitment to paying contractors – Chamber of Construction Industry

    The Chairman of the Ghana Chamber of Construction Industry, Emmanuel Martey, has urged the government of Ghana to make provisions for the payment of contractors who have been awarded contracts to build or fix particular roads in the country.

    According to him, this is to prevent the continuous situation where road contractors do not receive their monies during or after road projects, hence abandoning the project midway or being left stranded after its completion.

    The government in efforts to address the poor nature of roads in major parts of the country has declared 2020, as the “year of roads”.

    While presenting the 2020 Budget in Parliament on Wednesday, the Finance Minister Ken Ofori Atta said the government will largely focus and prioritise road projects to improve infrastructure in that sector and bring an end to the cries of Ghanaians for better roads.

    It was also promised that all debts owed road contractors will be paid off.

    “Mr. Speaker, this is why we are going to focus more on fixing our roads across the country in 2020 and beyond. To get the road sector moving and contractors back to work, the government will pay 80% of all contractors,” Ken Ofori-Atta said.

    But Speaking to Citi News on the back of this, Mr. Martey advised the government to stop the practice of not paying road contractors after they have fulfilled their part of the contract.

    “Coming from where we are now in the past we would urge that actual provisions should be made for the payment of the things listed in the budget so that we would avoid the situation where the roads will be constructed and then we don’t have money to pay for. That is where we are coming from.”

    “So we have always been advising the government that if you set yourself to do Road A, then plans must be set aside to be able to execute and pay for the project when it is finalized,” he said.

    Though he expressed readiness in solving the poor road situation on the part of the contractors, he mentioned that the government’s plans can only be achieved if they show commitment to what they say they will do.

    He noted: “Anything under the sun is possible once there is commitment and will. It is said that if the politician wants to do anything, he is able to do it. If we are committed and we see that as a priority and allocate a lot of resources to that, it can be done. As for the contractors, we are ready. Once we are commissioned to do a project and there is budgetary provision for it, we are ready to work on them.”

    Gov’t releases ‘unprecedented’ GHc2.2bn to settle road contractors

    The government had earlier asked all road contractors to return to site and ensure the successful completion of all their abandoned road projects.

    This came after the Ministry of Roads and Highways acquired some GH₵2.2 billion by to pay all debts owed road contractors.

    In a statement released by the Ministry and signed by the sector Minister, Kwasi Amoako Attah, GH¢1 billion of the money was to be used to pay contractors funded through the consolidated fund, while the GH¢1.2 billion will be paid into the Road Fund to settle other debts.

    Deplorable state of road networks

    This year has had the deplorable state of roads in various parts of the country as a major issue which has led to many protests and even some violent demonstrations by residents of several areas.

    The most recent demonstration is one that took place at Samreboi in the Western North Region a few days ago.

    Traditional leaders and residents of embarked on a massive protest to register their displeasure over the bad nature of roads from Samreboi to Prestea Nkwanta.

    The demonstrators created a blockade at the Aboi junction on the road from Samreboi to Asankragwa to express their disgust with the poor state of the 74-kilometre road which runs through the Mumuni and Prestea junctions.

    They also burned tyres and wielded placards with varied inscriptions to drum home their demands.

    Meanwhile, President Nana Akufo-Addo has said his government is committed to addressing the problem of bad roads in the country.











    Post Source : citinewsroom.com | Ghana

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  • November 14, 2019

    NDC’s stance on December 17 referendum beats my imagination – Freddie Blay

    Freddie Blay, NPP Chairman

    The National Chairman of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Freddie Blay, says he is surprised at the position taken by the National Democratic Congress (NDC) on the referendum for an amendment of the law to allow political parties to participate in the District level elections.

    He insisted to Citi News that citizens needed to have the final say.

    “All over the world choice is for the people; for people to vote for their leadership, those who should serve them, those who should lead them. The President said I want you to vote for your leaders, from the local level to wherever. It beats my imagination that people will say they don’t want it.”

    The NDC has been urging Ghanaians to vote against the proposed amendment, which was a major promise of the current government.

    The opposition party said the amendment would open governance at the local level to partisan polarisation.

    A member of the NDC’s analysis committee on the referendum and former Attorney General, Marietta Brew-Appiah Oppong, further argued that the proposal has not been well thought out.

    The two bills lined up for amendments are Articles 243(1) and 55(3).

    A successful amendment of Article 55 (3) for example will mean political parties will be able to sponsor candidates for election to District Assemblies or Lower Local Government Units.

    At the moment, the law, in Article 243 (1) of the 1992 Constitution, says District Chief Executives for every Metropolitan, Municipal and District are to be appointed by the President with the prior approval of not less than two-thirds majority of members of the assembly present and voting at the meeting.

    There have been longstanding concerns over the lack of sensitisation ahead of the referendum with a recent Afrobarometer survey noting that over 50 percent of Ghanaians say they are not aware of the upcoming referendum slated for December 17, 2019.

    The survey also noted that a significant proportion of Ghanaians are either not likely to vote in the referendum or “don’t know” whether or not they will vote.











    Source: Sammi Wiafe | citinewsroom.com | Ghana

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  • November 14, 2019

    Expect more pressure in 2020 – Economist warns gov’t

    A professor of Economics, Prof. William Baah Boateng has urged the government to brace itself for more pressure ahead of the 2020 elections.

    Although he expects the government to manage the economy through prudent spending, Prof. Baah Boateng said huge demands from various quarters during such periods are likely to have adverse effects on the revenue and expenditure scheduled for the year.

    The government has already given strong indications that it will ensure that it stays within its budget next year and that the usual excessive spending that characterized past elections will not happen in 2020.

    But speaking on the Point of View on Citi TV, Prof. Boateng who is also the Head of the Economics Department at the University of Ghana noted that the government will be vulnerable in absorbing the pressure from labour unions, politicians and other groups.

    “I expect the Finance Minister to be committed and prudent. But from where I sit, I don’t think the Finance Minister will be able to absorb the pressure that will come. Not only pressure from workers but also from his own people, colleague Ministers, and MPs. It’s an election year and everybody will want to get [something]. It is something I don’t envy him at all. In every election year, the government is vulnerable. So the pressure will come even from the Cabinet because they want to win.”

    Recent election years have been marked by overspending as the country exceeded its budget deficit targets.

    For the last election year, in 2016, Ghana’s budget deficit target was 5.3 percent but the deficit eventually widened to 7.8 percent.

    The government has already cautioned against lack of discipline in an election year as the hunger of the electorate for infrastructure is expected to increase.

    We won’t overrun 2020 budget

    Presenting the 2020 budget and financial policy in Parliament on Wednesday, Finance Minister, Ken Ofori Atta said the government will maintain fiscal discipline despite the elections.

    “In spite of the year being an election year, let me repeat that President Akufo-Addo and his government will ensure that the perennial excessive spending during such periods will not happen in 2020. We shall work within the 2020 Appropriated Resource envelope and adhere to the Fiscal Responsibility Act to maintain fiscal discipline”, he said.

    EIU’s prediction

    But the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) has already predicted that the government will struggle to lower its expenditure in the run-up to the 2020 general elections.

    Despite government passing the Fiscal Responsibility Act last year aiming to limit future budget deficits to a maximum of 5% of GDP, the London-based business advisory firm expects the government to record a 5.5 percent budget deficit in 2020.

    In its July 2019 Country Report, the EIU stated that following the completion of the IMF programme in April 2019, and a period of fiscal consolidation, it expects to see some spending laxity.











    Post Source : citinewsroom.com | Ghana

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  • November 14, 2019

    Yvonne Nelson celebrates her 34th birthday with an amazing photo

    Mother, actress and movie maker Yvonne Nelson is plus one today and she is looking glorious in the outfit she chose to mark the day with.

    Yvonne says her heart skips when she hears her own name. She has achieved a lot for herself and could not help taking pride in her achievements.

    We wish her nothing but the best in the coming years—now you might want to see this lovely picture of the actress.

    A subtle shade of makeup, great hair, and a lovely dress to complement it all, happy birthday Miss Nelson.









    source: pinaxonline.com

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  • November 14, 2019

    Two Namibian ministers resign following Al Jazeera investigation

    Bernhard Esau and Sacky Shanghala are accused of receiving bribes in return for preferential access to fishing grounds.

    Minister of Fisheries and Marine Resources Bernhard Esau was one of two people who have resigned following the investigation [Screengrab Youtube]
    Minister of Fisheries and Marine Resources Bernhard Esau was one of two people who have resigned following the investigation [Screengrab Youtube]

    Two Namibian government ministers resigned following allegations of corruption and money-laundering in the Namibian fishing industry.

    The Minister of Fisheries and Marine Resources Bernhard Esau and the Minister of Justice Sacky Shanghala were accused of receiving bribes in return for giving preferential access to Namibia’s rich fishing grounds to Samherji, one of Iceland’s largest fishing companies.

    Esau and Shanghala stepped down “following press and media reports in which allegations of corruption have been made against” them, presidential spokesman Alfredo Hengari said in a statement.

    The resignations came in the wake of a joint investigation between Al Jazeera’s Investigative Unit, the Icelandic State Broadcaster RUV, and the Icelandic magazine Stundin based on leaked documents provided by the whistleblowing group WikiLeaks.

    WikiLeaks on Tuesday released the “Fishrot” archive, a database of more than 30,000 documents containing internal emails, memos, powerpoint presentations, and media provided by former Samherji employee-turned-whistle-blower Johannes Stefansson.

    Al Jazeera’s investigation exposed the roles of well-connected Namibians who facilitated Samherji’s entry into the industry.


    From 2012, Icelandic fishing company Samherji made payments to businesses associated with Shanghala worth close to $10m, the investigation found.

    Sacky Shanghala
    Minister of Justice Sacky Shanghala is one of the two politicians accused of receiving bribes in return for preferential access to Namibia’s rich fishing grounds [Sacky Shanghala’s Facebook page]

    Shanghala had a swift ascent in Namibian politics, from being the chairman of the Law Reform and Development Commission, to being the country’s attorney general until becoming justice minister.

    The well-connected politicians appear to have fixed a bilateral fishing agreement with neighbouring Angola in order to provide the Icelandic company Samherji with greater access to Namibian fishing quotas.

    Samherji is one of the country’s largest fishing conglomerates with an annual turnover of more than $700m. The company sells its fish to supermarket chains such as Marks and Spencer’s, Carrefour, Tesco and Sainsbury’s.

    In a statement, Samherji said it took the allegations seriously and solicited the aid of an international law firm to investigate.

    “We are deeply shocked that Johannes Stefansson not only admits being involved in illegal activities, he is now also making allegations against colleagues. This is not how we do business. This is not Samherji,”  Samherji CEO Thorsteinn Mar Baldvinsson was quoted as saying.

    In a press release, Namibian President Hage Geingob thanked Esau and Shanghala for their “patriotism and contribution to the work of government”.

    Geingob appointed acting ministers to replace them.

    Following his resignation, Esau denied allegations of corruption and said “no one has presented [him] with any evidence of monies or favours that Bernhard Esau received” in exchange for “duties as a minister”.

    When Shangala was first confronted with evidence against him, he told Al Jazeera: “I have no recollection of money coming from any relationship with Samherji.”

    Al Jazeera’s investigation Anatomy of a Bribe will be released on December 1.








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  • November 14, 2019

    Newspaper Headlines Thursday 14 November 2019


    Source: myjoyonline.com

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  • November 14, 2019

    Revenue targets in budget over-ambitious – Economist

    Finance Minister, Ken Ofori-Atta

    A Research Fellow with the Institute for Fiscal Studies, Dr. Adu Owusu Sarkodie, has described as overly ambitious the Government’s revenue targets for 2020.

    The Finance Minister in the budget statement said the government is aiming at increasing the tax-to-GDP ratio from 13 percent to 20 percent in 2020.

    This is after the government’s revenue target for July 2019 fell short by GHc5 billion.

    Although the government has missed its revenue targets over the years, it is still hopeful that it can generate GHc67.1 billion in revenue in 2020.

    The Finance Minister described this target as part of “radical policy and institutional reforms” towards raising the tax-to-GDP ratio over the medium term.

    The government said there would be a focus on efficiency and base-broadening rather than imposing new taxes on people and businesses.

    This is with a view to raising the domestic revenue towards achieving the Ghana Beyond Aid vision, the government explained.

    But Dr. Adu Sarkodie said though the move is aimed at consolidating the gains made so far, the government may be promising more than it can deliver.

    “I mean how can you project to grow your tax revenue as a ratio of GDP from 13 percent to 20 percent in one year? That is a very over-ambitious statement to make because 20 percent is not something small you can achieve within a year.”

    Currently, Ghana’s tax-to-GDP ratio of 12.9 percent in 2018 is below the average of middle-income countries.

    Dr. Adu Sarkodie also observed that the reviews and upward adjustments to some taxes and levies announced will not have any significant strain on citizens.

    “These are marginal. They are not too significant that they can cause a huge upsurge in inflation rate and disturbances in the Ghanaian economy. These are little things that we can accommodate.”

    Among other revenue measures, the government renewed and extended the National Fiscal Stabilisation Levy and Special Import Levies (SIL) for five years to support the Budget.

    Ofori-Atta seeks Parliament’s approval to spend GH¢86 billion in 2020

    Government is seeking to spend nearly GH¢86 billion on various planned programmes and initiatives in 2020.

    The amount being sought by the government represents more than 21 percent of what the government is likely to spend for this year.

    According to the 2020 budget statement, nearly 25 percent of the planned expenditure will go into the payment of interest on the government’s debt. Apart from the interest payments, the projected amount of money to be spent on wages and Salaries is close to GH¢23 billion.

    Although the government is hoping to spend more than 50 percent of what it spent on the provision of infrastructure in 2018, that amount is only GH¢9.3 billion – a little below 11 percent of the overall GH¢86 billion total expenditure.

    The allocation made for goods and services is GH¢8.3 billion, which represents 9.7 percent of the projected total expenditure (including arrears clearance).










    Source: Sixtus Dong Ullo | citinewsroom.com | Ghana
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  • November 14, 2019

    Rugby Eagles present Sevens Challenge trophy to sponsor Sunda International

    The national male Rugby team, Eagles, on Wednesday, presented the Rugby Africa Men’s Sevens Challenge trophy to one of their main sponsors Sunda International.

    The team were at the office of Sunda International in Accra to present the trophy they won in South Africa and also thank the Chinese company for their unflinching support to Ghana Rugby.

    Despite suffering defeat in their first game at the tournament, the Eagles braved the odds to beat Morocco to clinch the Challenge trophy.

    Presenting the trophy to Sunda International, head Coach of the team Lovemore Kuzorera commended the company for their continuous support. “We thank the company for the support we’ve received over the years. We wouldn’t have won the Challenge Trophy with the support of Sunda International. We hope to win more laurels for Ghana in future tournaments”

    Receiving the trophy, Managing Director of Sunda International Isaac Hu praised the Eagles for their achievement and reiterated the company’s commitment to supporting Ghana Rugby.

    The Eagles now ranked 9th on the continent, turn their attention to the crucial Cup of Nations qualifier. Ghana clash with the Vultures of Botswana on November 23 at the Nduom Stadium.

    See Photos of the presentation below. 









    Source: Ghana/Joy Sports/Asare Bediako

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  • November 14, 2019

    Dr Felix Anyah wins double At 2019 Ghana Business Quality & Pride Awards

    CEO of Holy Trinity Medical Centre, Dr Felix Anyah, picked up two laurels at the 2019 Ghana Business Quality and Pride Awards.

    Held on Saturday, November 9, at the Mövenpick Ambassador Hotel, Accra, the glamorous ceremony saw the celebrated healthcare entrepreneur receive the Healthcare Business Icon Award 2018 (Pride of Volta) as well as the Premium Quality Spa & Health Tourism Business Pride Award on behalf of his pioneering destination health resort, the Holy Trinity Spa & Health Farm.

    Put together by the Entrepreneurs Foundation of Ghana (EFG), under the auspices of the Ministry of Business Development, the scheme, in its third year, aims at celebrating individuals and outfits deemed the “business pride of their native regions” and involved in the marketing, and promotion of global premium quality products and services in the country.

    The Ghana Standard Authority-endorsed event was compered by Kafui Dey, and ran under the theme: “Promoting International Quality Business through Strategic Partnership for Economic Growth.”

    Last Saturday’s accolades add to a deluge of honours accrued by Dr Anyah, who is also the Former CEO of the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital. They are also a testament to his commitment to truth, integrity, transparency, sacrifice, innovation, passion, philanthropy, and stoicism.

    Widely regarded among the nation’s most impactful names in medicine, entrepreneurship and corporate governance, Dr. Anyah is also recipient of other prestigious awards, notable among them being a United Nations Nobel Laureate conferment (Sustainable Development Goals (SDG),’ 2017 Best CEO in Ghana and Best CEO Healthcare (Both Public and Private), 2018 prizes for Best Health CEO of the Year, Best Healthcare CEO of the Year, Best CEO in Health Facility Management; Best Integrative Medicine Practitioner; as well as Best Occupation Health Practitioner.

    In 2008 and 2009, Dr. Anyah was presented with the Nelson Mandela Award for Exemplary Leadership and Transparent Virtues, and The Golden Star Award for Exemplary Leadership in Health in West Africa by Security Watch Nigeria in Abuja, Nigeria. Dr. Anyah is also holder of the Dr. Kwame Nkrumah Outstanding Merit/Africa Leadership Award.

    As rags to riches stories go, the ever-beaming Dr. Anyah’s life is a remarkable one. Born into modest circumstances, into a family of Christian faith healers reticent to orthodox medicine. Originally primed to pursue Law, his trajectory changed after severe bouts of pneumonia. He was literally seized from his parents by a great-aunt, who cured him with orthodox medicine.

    That experience, along with severe sleep disorders as a child pretty much set him on the path to medical research and medicine as an occupation. It has turned out to be an immeasurable blessing for the nation and beyond.

    The snug Holy Trinity Spa and Health Farm he founded in 2005 has continually served as a sanctuary for persons batting various cases of ill-health including physical addictions to cocaine, heroin, alcohol, mood disorders, obesity, stress management.

    The facility, a preferred Health/Medical Tourism destination, also caters to health vacation, wellness, aesthetic medicine, convalescence and healthy lifestyle conferencing, serving up an innovative brand of integrative medicine, for which it has been crowned with a number of accolades including “Most Patronized Medical Tourism Destination in West Africa” (2010) by the New Ghanaian Magazine (2010) as well as “Best” Health/Medical Tourism Destination in West Africa” by the West Africa Magazine (2008)

    The steadfast conviction in faith-healing and other alternative and complementary medicine coupled with his feats as an orthodox medical practitioner have led to his popular reputation as “Father” of Integrative Medicine in Ghana.”

    A valuable asset to the country, Dr. Anyah has honoured multiple national appointments, including as Chairman of the Health Facilities Regulatory Agency (2015 -2016). The stellar stewardship he delivered in these capacities have courted him key stamps of recognition, which include but are not limited to the following: Life Time Achievement In Medical Practice In Ghana (Pillars of Modern Ghana Awards, 2015), Hall of Fame Inductee- Medical & Health Services Honours of the year 2015 (presented by Entrepreneurs Foundation of Ghana in 2016), People’s Choice Practitioners Award-Outstanding Private Health Facility Honours of the year 2017 (presented by Media Men Ghana), Made In Ghana Awards- Business Support Health Services of the year 2015 (presented by Entrepreneurs Foundation of Ghana in 2016), Best Integrative Medicine Provider of the year 2015 (presented by The Business Executive Excellence Awards (2016), Best Health Spa Facility in West Africa of the year 2015 (Gold Category) – Presented by The International Star Quality Awards in 2016, Excellent Service for Security, Peace, and Safety in Africa and for an incisive – Security Watch (Nigeria) (2009).

    For Dr Anyah, the 2019 Ghana Business Quality and Pride prizes constitute significant encouragement for him and his outfit, and challenge them to aim for even bigger feats.










    Source: Ghana | Myjoyonline.com | EDA

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  • November 14, 2019

    Oxford Union President must resign following treatment of Ghanaian – AfriSoc

    File photo of Oxford University.

    The Oxford University Africa Society (AfriSoc) has called for the resignation of the Union President.

    In a press statement issued Wednesday, and jointly signed by the President, Vice President and Secretary of AfriSoc, the association asked  Mr Brendan Mcgrath to take responsibility for the actions of a union staff, who is alleged to have manhandled a Ghanaian MPhil student, Mr Ebenezer Azamati, on October 17, 2019.

    Giving their version of the treatment meted out to Mr. Azamati, it said he “was forcibly and violently prevented from re-entering the Union to resume his seat, and subsequently, forced to leave the debating Chamber after simply exiting and re-entering when the program had not even begun.

    Describing the actions meted out to the visually impaired as “ violent, unjust, inhumane, and shameful,” the statement said the Union failed in its basic responsibility.

    “The President of the Union (must re)consider his position given that his conduct on this matter renders him unfit to assume the position of responsibility,”  the statement said.

    The student association says until their demands are met, it will not relent on protestations against the Oxford Union.

    “AfriSoc holds this case as not only a grave injustice to Mr Azamati but to all African students, students with disability needs and all students at the University of Oxford with the heart and mind to appreciate the unfair and undignified treatment of Mr. Azamati,” the statement added.

    Read the full statement here. 










    Source: Ghana | Myjoyonline.com

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