Ghanaians To Start Paying Water & Electricity Bills From July 2020

Prior to the regional lockdown in Ghana,His Excellency the president issued that Ghanaians will from April to June enjoy free water and electricity bills.

Well,a piece of statement released by Ghana Water Company Limited monitored by indicates that Ghanaians from Tuesday July 1,2020 will start caring for their own bills like before. This implies that the grace period ends on Tuesday and the Water Company has given new directives to customers.

The company further said property owners can revert to the arrangements for payment of the utility with tenants prior to the free water delivery.

As part of the directives, it said Water Vendors are also required to resume their normal business after the last meter readings in June 2020.

According to GWCL, “disconnected customers who were reconnected to enable them to enjoy the free water during the period, must as a matter of urgency pay their arrears to remain connected.”

“Disconnected customers will remain disconnected until their arrears are settled in full before their supply will be reinstated.

The Company added that all its collection/pay points are opened during normal working hours and it encouraged customers to also pay their bills via mobile money channels.
























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