July 17, 2019

Plastic Waste, A Policeman Educate A Young Lady

As if it’s not enough with our plight of dealing with filth and the indiscriminate disposal of plastic waste, today on the principal streets of Accra, a lady was seen dropping an empty water sachet on the lawn while waiting to cross to the other side.

The police man you see in the images is part of a security detail of a lady politician. He saw the act and the lady politician stepped out of her SUV, gave the lady a talk and left her with the lesson you see in the images.

She was made to pick for a couple of minutes. Like we say in marketing or promotion “buy one get one free” or two for the price of one”

Very embarrassing, but we will get there.
#environment #plastics #sustainability #thinkfuture #reusable



Source: Nana Kwesi Ackom/facebook

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