July 11, 2019

#WAI: Two women fined for breaking traffic laws, resisting arrest

Two women who were arrested on the GIMPA Link road today, Wednesday but engaged in heated exchanges with the Police have been fined.

The two Priscilla Okyere (Driver)  and Clara Wontumi (Passenger) have been fined GhC960.00 and GhC720.00 respectively for various traffic infractions.

Earlier, the culprits were remanded to spend one week in cells but the magistrate, Her Worship Juliet Osei Duodo later rescinded her decision after the two women broke down in uncontrollable tears begging for mercy.

They were charged on 9 counts including fleeing or attempting to elude a public officer, resisting arrest, use of abusive language, driving on the shoulders of the road, causing danger to other users, careless and inconsiderate driving.

Her Worship Juliet Osei Duodo cautioned the youth to treat the Police with respect.

She recounted an instance where police officers arrested her for not embossing her roadworthy and insurance stickers even though she had both in her case.

According to her, she would have been the Magistrate to sit on her own case as the incident occurred within her jurisdiction.

She, however, did not throw her weight about nor use intemperate language in engaging the police.

She added that she rather pleaded with the police to help her emboss the stickers as she is not good at doing so.

With this example, she remanded the two ladies who while in court insisted that their conduct was as a result of how the police officers spoke to them.

‘Merciful’ judge frees errant driver
The Magistrate at the La District Magistrate Court on Wednesday freed a driver who was arrested for breaking road traffic laws on the Legon-GIMPA Link road as part of Citi TV’s ongoing War Against Indiscipline.

The culprit, a woman, who was put in court for driving on the shoulder of the road was in court with her husband as she pleaded guilty to charges proffered against her in court.

The magistrate, Her Worship Juliet Osei Doudu, after educating the culprit on why she was wrong, surprised everyone by letting the accused go scot-free.


Source: Caleb Kudah | citinewsroom.com | Ghana

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