29. September 2022

Build your own studio and stop going around begging

“Build your own studio and stop going around begging for places to have your interviews”- Diamond Appiah blast Delay

Diamond made fun of Delay for the hundredth time, making fun of her age and the fact that she didn’t have an office even though she had worked in the media for decades.

Diamond thinks Delay’s asking for venues to host her Delay Show after all these years is a disgrace to the media community.

Diamond compared Delay to herself and claimed that she had a lovely office at home where she conducted business.

In the event that she is still having trouble finding a location for a show, she volunteered to host Delay for one of her upcoming interviews.

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Diamond said again that Delay’s businesses actually belong to a football player.

Diamond asked the player to build an office for Delay because she was struggling without one.

Watch the video below.


credit: bestshowbiz.com