April 6, 2020

Couple hacks to focus on the brighter side of life during the Coronavirus pandemic

Whether you are a couple with both partners working from home or a whole family with children who need to be entertained, the corona times can be testing. In China the divorce rate has seen an all-time surge and it is alarming but these stressful times come with a bright side too. While you are at home very rightly social distancing to control the pandemic, it’s time to get close and remove distances inside the homes. Looking at the brighter side, as a couple now closed together, there’s no room for complaints of not enough alone time anymore. Look at this time as an opportunity to reconnect and recharge your relationship and be closer together. Look inwards in your relationship and heal spaces. If you have been looking for some suggestions, you’ve come to the right stop to start the interesting process. Include the following tips:

Keep communicating

With so much going on and tensions running high, it can be hard to keep an open dialogue – especially if you’re feeling scared or upset. This heightened anxiety may create strong negative emotional reactions; anger or frustration. When experiencing these emotions try and stay mindful of your responses. Communication is key. Try and be as clear as possible with each other. Talk your alone time with each other and share thoughts and build on them. Address anxieties/fears and let them know that you are with them.


Work on and re-kindle a relationship from home
The isolated time can be used for couples to reassess their relationship, rekindle the spark and improve the relationship. This is the perfect time to re-bifurcate the divided responsibilities like household chores, assist in common tasks and cook meals together and eat them together. Make daily tasks enjoyable and work as a team. Be playful while you perform the tasks. Fix a common time to reconnect spiritually by meditating and chanting together. Let yourself heal with your better half.

Rediscover the inner child in you
The alone time can be a great start to bring the old childhood days back and play the classic board games with our partners start some arts and crafts with available goods at home and create something interesting. Create memories and sweet times by using your creativity and working as a team. The experience shared with your partner will always be rewarding.

Respect Private Space
Since a lot of us are working/staying at home and sharing spaces throughout the day, it becomes important to respect your partner’s individual space and the working environment they now have in the home. Encourage each other to take regular breaks and make these breaks fun. Surprise your partner with their favourite snacks to re-energize them.

Make an exercise routine
Utilise the time to get started with a healthy lifestyle. With your partner make a routine of exercises and yoga. Dedicate 20 minutes together and stay agile. Take help from youtube and search for full body exercises at home. Turn on your favourite music and stay motivated through exercises with your partner.

—By Dr. Rachna Khanna Singh
source: timesofindia.indiatimes.com
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