Joyce Bawa Mogtari, an assistant to John Dramani Mahama, the former president of Ghana, thinks it’s time for the government to reduce spending.

She thinks it will be crucial for the government to cut back on operating expenses for the jubilee house, among other things.

Among other things, Joyce Bawa Mogtari makes the case for a reduction in the size of the presidential staff.

She advised Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo that, aside from his personnel, he must drastically reduce the size of his government.

Joyce Bawa’s Statement Reads;

Good morning Everyone!

Now that the government has decided to go to the IMF, this is my layman’s advice to @NAkufo Addo:

1. Cut down with immediate effect the size of government;

2. Cut down the number of presidential staffers;

3. The cost of the President’s luxurious travels alone wipes out the gains made by cutting ministerial travels, therefore stopping the President and Vice President from none essential travel and ensuring that important trips are via commercial flights and with a lean delegation;

4. Discontinue the family and friends procurements in the various government agencies, that are essentially just monies to cronies without any benefit to the agencies and the people of Ghana;

5. Remove taxes on Petroleum products to cushion citizens;

6. Suspend all concessional borrowing;

7. End sole sourcing;

8. Stop none essential procurement;

9. Recover with immediate effect all debts owed to government institutions;

10. Stop SOEs from borrowing.

Acta non-verba!

Best wishes!