November 1, 2021

Ensign College of Public Health now Ensign Global College

Ensign College of Public Health has announced a change in its name to Ensign Global College or Ensign Global to reflect its global programming and diversity.

In addition to the name change, the college also intends to release a new logo mark over the next few months.

The President of Ensign College of Public Health, Professor Stephen C. Alder said: “The name change is a reflection that we are a globally oriented institution and preparing to move into fields that are complementary to but extend beyond Public Health.”

Ensign College of Public Health was founded by Lynette and Robert Gay in 2014. The institution follows their vision to have globally-orientated higher education in an emerging market setting to increase the direct benefits of education and scholarship where it is most needed.

The college currently houses a Masters of Public Health degree program. In addition to the masters program the college has played host to executive education training, multiple student programs from the U.S., and community engagement initiatives such as Health2Go that has brought about international acclaim.

Dr. Lynette Gay, co-founder of the school and Chair of the Board of Governors said: “We are excited to announce this name change as it better captures Ensign’s goal to bring the best of the world to West Africa, and vice versa, to allow the West Africa experience shape and inform solutions to global challenges wherever they are found. We believe that in fostering and embracing authentic global partnerships, new leaders and solutions will emerge that will usher in advancements in prosperity for families, communities, businesses, and the world.”

The vision of Ensign Global College is to lead global prosperity by educating principled, competent, entrepreneurial leaders and designing and implementing solutions for the development challenges facing the world. The college continues to grow its programs and offerings that reflect the need for this name change.

According to Professor Agyeman Badu Akosa, Vice Chair of the Board of Governors for the school, “Ensign College of Public Health has gone global in content and outreach as Ensign Global College and offers even more exciting opportunities for all to be part of this wonderful experience.” Professor Akosa is an advocate for all that Ensign Global College has to offer. He notes, “Ensign Global College, where it all happens. If you have not been there, then you are incomplete in more ways than one.”

About Ensign Global College

Ensign Global College, formerly known as Ensign College of Public Health, is an accredited, world-class, private, not-for-profit academic institution of higher education. Ensign Global is located 45 miles outside of the capital city, Accra, in Kpong, Ghana with a world-class 50-acre campus along the banks of the Volta River. Founded 2014, Ensign brings an international approach to higher education. The institute aims to build capacity in West African ecosystems through knowledge, partnerships, and community engagement.











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