January 14, 2020

Cut Off Anyone Who Tries To Ruin Your Happiness In 2020- Van Vicker

According to Van Vicker in an Instagram post, we shouldn’t live our lives to please others but rather concentrate on our happiness and making sure those around us feel our positivism. While a lot of people have set their goals for 2020, Ghanaian Actor, Van Vicker has entreated Ghanaians make happiness their top priority. After all a happy soul is a peaceful soul!

Van Vicker wrote; “2020 should be all about YOUR HAPPINESS. Yes one should be considerate, tolerant and compromising to foster harmony, however, if it will choke and decelerate one’s PROGRESS/HAPPINESS, then I recommend asphyxiation of that thing or person, quickly. You shall be BETTER 360 degrees than last year, AMEN”.

As you have heard from him, don’t allow other peoples negative energy ruin your goals or plans for 2020. Stay positive!!










source: ghanawish.com

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