May 22, 2020

Florence Obinim attempts to pronounce ‘Ecclesiastes’ but something goes terribly wrong

A video of Florence Obinim, wife of Bishop Daniel Obinim, struggling to pronounce ‘Ecclesiastes’ has surfaced online.

As her husband, Bishop Obinim still fights for his freedom from behind bars, Florence Obinim has been seen struggling to pronounce the book of ‘Ecclesiastes’ from the bible.

Mrs Obinim struggled with the pronunciation of the biblical book, ‘Ecclesiastes’ while she led a group of women in church, the video revealed.

She was happily leading a bible study group in her husband’s church until the attempt to pronounce ‘Ecclesiastes’ dulled the moment.


Her church members, however, failed to notice that their ‘Osofo Maame’ had ‘gbaa’ed’ seriously in her attempt to read from the book of ‘Ecclesiastes’.

She was heard saying ‘Ekristiansis’ instead of ‘Ecclesiastes’, sparking comments from online users who have spotted the video.

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