February 13, 2020

I Regret Social Media Fight With Moesha

Ghanaian Actress Salma Mumin has expressed absolute regret at her social media fight with her colleague actress Moesha Budong.

The two friends were involved in a serious fight last year as they both exchanged unsavoury words.

But Salma now regrets her actions. In an interview on TV3, she said: ”I wish I could turn the hands of time with what happened between us. But it happened and what has happened has already happened. It’s just social media that was nothing really serious.” Salma insisted

“To me, it wasn’t serious but when I look around, I realized a lot of people really took it serious and I’m okay with that, my life is all about me and all that matters is what I think about and how I feel.”

Salma further indicated that posts by celebrities on social media shouldn’t be taken serious.

”Social media is just social media. I have a private life which is very serious. What I do on social media is just the joking and unserious part of my life. So it doesn’t affect anything.” She stated












Source: www.ghgossip.com

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