December 26, 2019

‘this is my turf’ – Wendy Shay warns Beyoncé for hiding in Ghana

Wendy Shay

After news went viral that Beyoncé arrived in Ghana some days ago as part of the “Year of Return” initiative, Wendy Shay has come out to seek some attention. 


In a tweet, the “Rufftown Records” signee who has bestowed upon herself the title of the “Hottest and Richest” Queen in the Ghana Music Industry has “begged” Beyoncé to link up with her. 

According to Wendy, she (Beyoncé) can’t come to Ghana which is her turf and be hiding just like that. Because she is the queen in Ghana. 

Some Ghanaians have not taken it lightly on Wendy Shay as they have jabbed her for her bragging statement. 

See some reactions from Ghanaians…









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