January 15, 2022

Eshun is really mature; see how she responded to a fan who said mzvee was better than her


Singer eShun’s maturity was put to the test after a social media troll attempted to compare her to her colleague singer MzVee on social media.

Helina Clottey, an internet troll, told eShun that she couldn’t compare herself to MzVee in terms of popularity and beauty.

She went on to argue that eShun should be stripped of the title “Queen” that she has attached to her name since she is unworthy of it.

eShun, on the other hand, surprised everyone by dealing with the troll in a calm manner. She wrote the following below:

May be an image of text that says'Helina Clottey Queen my toot..... U are queen to your youth not to everyone.. MzVee is our queen 41 m Like Reply Message View 1 previous reply... 1 Author QueeneShun Helina Clottey My name Queen is as a result of the enstoolment and honor bestowed on me by the people of Gomoa Afransi. Thus my name Queen eShun. Your words are not disrespectful to me but Gomoa Afransi. On the other hand, am glad you support Mzvee, she's a beautiful and talented musician. You can support her all the way without trying to disrespect others. Take care hun.'








source: bestshowbiz.com

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