17. August 2022

Fishes Come Out of Me Whenever I Bath after an Indian Dude did this !!!!


I never believed in rituals and all those evil acts till this happened to me a woman cries. It was just like a dream come true I met the love of my life and things were going as planned.

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But things changed when we did the did I started feeling some type so way and when I took my bath I saw some fishes that came out of my womanhood. Which came like a shock the woman claims.

The woman was told by the man that she had to feed the fish whenever they come out while she takes her bath or else they are going to feed on her body. He then gave me a lot of money to buy the fish food she cried because of the pain she was in.

She says the hospital has tried to look into her situation without a solution to her problems. And has started losing weight with all the pain she’s feeling.

credit: edujandon.com

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