June 20, 2019


There are few things that kill intimacy between two people like the absence of respect. It is often said that what a man needs the most is respect and what a woman needs the most is love, but this simply isn’t true. Women need respect just as much as men do because respect is an important aspect of love within the context of marriage. The need for a man to respect his wife is just as important as a woman respecting her husband.

So if you are asking the question, “how should a man treat his wife?” this is already a sign of strength, a delicate area that requires a bit of introspection. Treating your wife like a queen should be every married man’s aspiration.

As a man, it is not just a responsibility, but your foremost duty to treat the woman of your life with utmost respect and affection. Sometimes in the monotony of a complex and busy life, men tend to grow cold towards their wives, making the relationship lose its spark.

Here are a few things you as a man should do to show love, care, and respect to your wife:

Show her respect in front of others

Knowing how a man should treat his wife is extremely important, both for her and for you. The way you treat your wife in public is a reflection of what exactly you think of her. Treating her with dignity outside is the best way to show her that she is the most important person in your life whom you would never hurt.

In case you feel that you are bound to have an argument in public, then make sure you swiftly give an apology even if the mistake wasn’t yours. She is after all your wife.

What you should not do is pass sneering or cheeky comments about your wife in front of your relatives or friends. If she did something wrong while you were out in public, instead of vocally criticizing her, gently explain the right thing to her later. Preferably in the privacy of your home.

Never hide your feelings

If your wife feels that you look unsettled, and she asks what’s on your mind, how should you respond? Instead of brushing her question aside, answer it with alacrity. It is one of the best ways of letting her know that she is the only person in the whole world that you can trust with your feelings.

If you feel something, tell your wife. If she asks about your feelings, share those feelings with her. It’s even better to do so while sitting together on a couch or cuddling in bed which adds an element of intimacy to the moment.

Never reply with the usual ‘it’s nothing’ or an impatient ‘later’. She is your wife and she has every right to know what is on your mind. Also when sharing your feelings, don’t taper away with loose ends, instead tell her what’s on your mind from the beginning to the end.

Do not hide financial information from her

Oh boy! I can imagine some men would cringe at this. This aspect isn’t only about how a man should treat his wife, it is one of the basis of a happy, strong and successful marriage. When you are married, you are no longer single units, you are a team. You become stakeholders in the household and share the effort of improving and maintaining it.

Sure it is always a good thing to have some individuality when it comes to finances, but having transparency concerning your financial information is very important for a better and happy relationship.

Say, for example, you want to dip into your income for some reason, make it a point to share this with your wife. It is totally okay to request your wife to even bail you out in case of a financial crunch. Yes, men, asking for help is not a sign of weakness.

I know men have a tendency for hiding their financial information especially when they aren’t doing so well financially. But never do this with your wife, she is going to be with you forever and it helps no one if you hide vital info from her. Also, when you are in a bit of a crunch, don’t force her to dish out money on a shoestring budget. Try to respect her opinion as well.

Listen to her with interest

Men have had such a reputation for turning a deaf ear to their wife’s concerns or opinions that it has become the subject of countless comic reliefs. It may seem funny on the surface but being insensitive to the words of your wife can cause her great emotional pain, which she wouldn’t be able to share with anyone.

Always have an open ear and a broad mind to what your wife is saying.

If you are doing something while your wife is talking to you, put aside whatever you were doing and concentrate on what she has to say. Maintain eye contact with her as she speaks and give necessary cues to help her understand that you are actually listening to her and not daydreaming.

Never look away when she speaks and never reply with a flat ‘hmm’. If you are busy with something that can’t be delayed, politely let her know. Don’t cut her off.

Control your roving eye

Men have a natural susceptibility to ogle at times. While it might seem normal when you were single, it doesn’t work so well when you are married and it will only cause your wife pain and disappointment.

You married your wife because you found her to the perfect partner for you so make it a point to keep that in mind. Whenever you feel tempted to look at someone more seemingly appealing, recollect how attractive your lady and how lucky you are to have her.

If she catches you looking, don’t bother covering it up with a lie. Instead, accept that you did and that you are extremely apologetic about it. Don’t laugh off the matter because it will be a gross disrespect of your wife’s feelings.

Also, be a gentleman and try not to leer.





source: naijaaparents.com

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