January 14, 2022

Get Familiar with Lahina

Met Lahina?

OK… Yea Lahina is an 18 years old Model and Actress who recently started modelling professionally because she kept getting the “are you a model” question. Obviously, Lahina was built for that cos she has the banging body for modelling.


For acting!!! Lahina is an absolute drama queen for real.

She said “I’m apparently a drama queen, so when I went for a video shoot, one of the directors saw me and got my contact, asked me to come for audition and for the matter I’m a decent actress so….”

So far so good it’s been an amazing journey and Lahina is enjoying what she does. Looking forward to get stuck in major projects ahead of her and her team.

For her style: she doesn’t really have her personal style but she just loves to look good always.









source: ngkings.com.ng

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