Ghana abounds with several rich natural resources, from gold, diamonds, manganese, timber, rivers, streams, forest to birds, animals, rocks, fertile soil, and others.

The country’s natural forests have several valuable non-timber resources which play significant roles in the health, nutrition, physical and spiritual growth, and development of the people.

Among these non-timber resources which are very important to the health and nutritional well-being of the people are the herbs, spices, shrubs, barks, and others.

The value of traditional herbs and spices in the management and control of diseases cannot be over-emphasized, especially in the midst of the recent outbreak of several diseases and infections in Ghana and the world in general.

These natural local spices have been proved scientifically to contain the primary sources of valuable nutrients which help in the building of strong immune systems and protect the body from infections and diseases.

The outbreak of the covid-19 pandemic has even reinforced the urgent need for people to build strong immune systems to reduce the risk of infection.

The medicinal and nutritional values of Ghanaian local natural spices, herbs, and greenery leaves such as ‘Hwentiaa’, ‘Prekese’, ‘Sorowisa’, Efomwisa’, ‘Nketekete’, ginger (Akakaduro), ‘Apokuo’, ‘Pepere’, ‘Akokobesa’, ‘dawadawa’, ‘Atiegyaa’, ‘Ademe’, ‘Ayoyo’, among others, is known to all.

They are very potent in building stronger immune systems and protecting the body from various infections and diseases.

It is in view of their importance that the Ghana Traditional Caterers Association (GTCA) is leading the advocacy for increased use and consumption of these local natural spices by Ghanaians to help build strong immune systems to fight the coronavirus.

Mr. Frank Nana Owusu, National President of GTCA believes another approach to the fight against the covid-19 pandemic is to encourage every Ghanaian to consume more local natural resources.

According to him, almost every remedy that had been prescribed to mitigate and fight the covid-19 infection involves the use of natural spices which build strong immune systems.

However, most Ghanaians have ignored this clarion call and have resorted to imported food items and spices which are made of flavors and other chemicals.

It is to address these challenges that the GTCA is calling on every Ghanaian especially traditional caterers to use local natural spices like ‘Prekese’, ‘Hwentiaa’ ‘Nketekete’ among others in the preparation of their meals.

Nana Owusu said the influx of junk foods on the Ghanaian market was a contributory factor to the national health challenges and hoped Ghanaians would go back and rediscover their local and traditional cuisine which comprised most of these natural spices in the recipe.

This would help them build strong immune systems and stay healthy always.