September 28, 2020

Gov’t knows financiers of Western Togoland – Oppong Nkrumah reveals

Information Minister Kojo Oppong Nkrumah has revealed that financiers of the separatist group, Western Togoland, have been identified by government.

He made this known at a ministry of information conference on Sunday, September 27 in Accra.

Government has also rejected accusations that it is behind the latest attack by the group.

According to some persons within the NDC, Friday’s incidence which saw the separatists mount road blocs at major entry points to the Volta Region, invade two police stations and injure a police officer among other things, was a ploy to divert attention from challenges with the just-ended voter’s exhibition exercise.

There are also claims that the incident was meant to be used as an excuse to deploy the military into the Volta Region to intimidate voters in the NDC stronghold.

But information minister Kojo Oppong Nkrumah has denied that saying “there are some suggestions by some political groups that they think government is behind what happened so that government uses it as a move to send soldiers to intimidate people in these areas.”

“Let me give a head-on response to that “first if all it is no true that government intends to send soldiers to intimidate people in these areas. Our borders are closed, because of our battle with COVID. We sent troops across the country, there were initial complaints by our political opponents in particular that they were not comfortable with that and they interpreted it as an attack on Voltarians. It was proven to be a flat-out untruth.”

He explained “what had happened on Friday dawn is not the first time we have seen this group go on this claim that there is an old contract that allows them to be independent and seek to express it in one way or the other, and we don’t even want to believe that there are any political groups behind it. We are dealing with it as a purely criminal act, pure infringements on the law of this country and are proceeding to treat the persons who are behind it accordingly.”

On the financiers of the group, Mr Nkrumah noted: “Do we know where thee persons are getting their support or their funding from? Yes, we know where their funding is coming from and the various agencies are moving in as part of this comprehensive plan to deal with this whole phenomenon.”

“They are also moving in to deal with their sources of funding, persons who we believe are associated with the funding of this group,” he disclosed.












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