29. September 2022

Help! I’m Love With One Of My Staff


I am a young man in my mid thirty, has a beautiful wife and 2 kids. I have about 32 staff working for me. Just recently, December to be precise I started developing an emotional attachment to one of my staff. I told her I want her to join me to see a movie and she said she was travelling and she won’t be around but January was fine. I knew she was avoiding the outing so I bought a ticket to the movies and sent it to her she never showed up and I didn’t call her until work resumed on January 4th and I asked why she didn’t come for the movies and she apologise that she was busy.

I told her we can go see the movies now since she initially wanted January, she said she can’t that she doesn’t want to be seen with a married man, and besides my wife is nice to her and also she doesn’t want any girl with her husband when she eventually gets married so she won’t want to be with anyone’s husband that I belong to someone else.

I told her I don’t want s3x from her, all I want is from her is a squish relationship. she practically turned it down that she can’t because she will be hurt in the end because belong to someone else.

Honestly, I felt hurt because I truly love her. I am more emotionally drawn to her even more than before. We spend considerable time chatting every day and on phones in the evening till night after the day’s job. She is not so comfortable spending time in my office as she told me the day I was not in the office everyone kept asking after the boss from her and she felt embarrassed and asked them why can’t call to know why I am not in the office.

she said we should please remind her the way it is, just chatting and phone calls and she can’t afford to be seen around with a married man.

I really love her and I feel hurt as she is turning me down. I wish I can stop loving her, I really don’t know how to stop loving her as I really wish not to hurt her.

credit: livelystones.ng