May 13, 2022

‘Help, my father called me to come home for DNA test, I’m scared

A Nigerian student (name withheld) has taken to social media to share the conversation he had with his father.

According to him, he got an impromptu call from his father two days ago to come home for a medical appointment.

Read his post below;“My dad called me on the phone 2 days ago asking if I am coming home for the holiday, which is unlikely of him because I just left home not quite long and he hardly calls (I school within our state, studying law)….. while we were on the call he mentioned about the Dr appointment (We normally do a routine check-up every 2 months )

Throwing the question to me if I even know my blood group. (I replied, no)
At FIRST, I thought it was just a normal question.

I Am 21yrs old, the eldest among 3 siblings and I think my dad has something planned out, he’s an Internet freak even more than I am, he’s actively online on Twitter, and Facebook, and sees all the uproars about DNA tests here and there on Nairaland, I think he’s going to ask me to come to the hospital with him disguising it as me knowing my blood group (for a DNA test.)

The thing here is am scared because all my life I have seen people saying never to trust a woman (I love my mom, but still am scared)

What if it’s a DNA test (which I strongly believe it is)
What if it turns out complicated
Would he still accept me? Or abandon me to me.
So many thoughts running through my head, they are reasons for that.

He’s black, I am fair (though my mum says I took his father’s complexion)

Pls help me…am thinking to stay back at school or go home This evening.
Am confused.”


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