17. August 2022

How Does the Full Armor of God Apply to Us Today? Part 2

Faith is the thing that deters the assaults of the foe. Different pieces of armor protect the soldier. Along with the Word as our spiritual sword, the Lord gives his soldiers armor completely fit to endure the adversary invasion.

Now we come to the second half of our series.

Shoes are needed for conflict and for traversing treacherous ground. These shoes are designed for warfare. Without a pair of shoes, you can only walk or run so far. Your feet are exposed to the elements.

Is Universalism a Biblical Concept?

Universalism is a growing, popular belief system since it claims that everyone will eventually experience salvation. Universalism downplays Christ’s sacrifice and His words in commanding His followers to make disciples of all nations.

Universalism is the teaching that all people will be saved and that everyone will go to heaven. There are several types of universalism, but “Christian” universalists argue that all people will experience salvation because of Jesus’ death and resurrection, even if they do not believe.

According to universalists, eternal punishment is a false doctrine. In addition to their inclusive view of salvation, universalists are often associated with Unitarianism, which denies the deity of Jesus Christ.


credit: christianity.com

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