17. August 2022

I Am Nobody’s Role Model – Lydia Forson


Ghanaian actress and social commentator Lydia Forson has warned her fans not to refer to her as a role model.

The actress took to her Twitter page to inform her fans that she is not comfortable with the tag ‘role model’ people give her because she does not want to owe anyone some type of behavior or character traits people will be expecting from her.

According to Lydia Forson, she is also human and trying to figure life out just like everyone out there is doing so people should not see her as a superhuman by giving her the tag ‘Role Model’

Taking to her Twitter page, she wrote:

Taking to her Twitter page, Lydia Forson tweeted,

“I am nobody’s role model please; that tag you people use to try and make people feel like they owe you some type of behavior; me I don’t like. I’m trying to figure life out like the rest of you. Leave me to it.

credit: www.ghgossip.com

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