November 1, 2021

‘I don’t regret ever kissing KiDi’ – Cina Soul maintains

Cina Soul and KiDi kiss in Sugar film

Ghanaian songstress  Cina Soul keeps up with that she never laments kissing Lynx Entertainment signee, KiDi.

Asked by Abeiku Santana if she regrets doing it, Cina Soul replied “Oh not really but I don’t want to watch it”.

“It’s been two actually and when we watch it, since the time it premiered, personally I haven’t watched it again. So the time you showed it when I came, I’m like oo, this really happens I just feel how it hap over and over again.”

KiDi then again, says he never watched the film on TV or pay attention to it yet he additionally feels awkward watching it.

He explained that he doesn’t “want to watch it again because it is forever planted in my mind, I know what it felt like, I know how it was, I know how of went, I don’t want to watch it all over again.”

KiDi wouldn’t call it a mistake, but his kiss with Cina Soul was sweet.

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