An unidentified married man is in an unpleasant situation where he is forced to marry his side chick in addition to his lawfully wedded wife.

According to the wife who made the story public, she caught her husband having extra-marital affairs when she went through his phone.

She became informed about a particular woman her husband was seeing secretly. Feeling irritated about it, she went through her profile on social media and found out the lady was married as well. She quickly sent a message to the side chick’s husband, warning her to advise his wife to stay away from her husband.

Apparently, the husband didn’t take it lightly and threw her out from their matrimonial home. The side chick then reported the issue to her side-man who also told his wife the great confusion and disorder she has caused and added though he has no plan of marrying two women, he is tempted to do so since the side chick has nowhere to go.

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