November 17, 2020

If You Want To Stay Ahead Of Trends Pick Inspiration From Asiyami Gold’s Astonishing Looks; Thank Us Later

If You Want To Stay Ahead Of Trends Pick Inspiration From Asiyami Gold's  Astonishing Looks; Thank Us Later | 100% African Fashion

Visual Artist and Story teller Asiyami is one woman with so many talents but one talent of hers which we cannot get over with is her fashion style which for us is way up there on a scale of 1 – 100 we had confidently put her on 100 without batting an eye, going through her over 300k+ followers on instagram would leave you breathless and spoilt for choice as Asiyami chooses to expresses her passion for fashion, design, photography and travelling through arresting images that consume us with wanderlust.

If you’re feeling stuck about what to wear for the week – look no further we have put together seven looks from Asiyami that will inspire your outfit choices for the entire week.


Start the week with a classic monochrome matching set which is a perfect way to command everyone’s attention.


Change things up with earth tone pieces and add a blazer and animal print to complete the look and win all the compliments.

On Wednesday wear pink. Period. 

A perfect look that takes you from the office by 4 pm to 6 pm happy hour cocktails.

It’s the end of the week, and this look is an example of a stylish casual Friday

An African print maxi is perfect for lunch dates, weddings, and even running errands.

You still need more inspirations from Asiyami then head over to her official instagram page via @asiyami_gold  to get more daily dose of fashion inspo all in one piece.

Source: FashionGHANA
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