January 20, 2022

I’m not moved by curses from someone like you- ‘Spiritual Bathing’ Pastor replies Gloria Kani

Fake pastor Skit maker Pastor Blinks has reacted to Gloria Kani’s threats over his videos.

Blinks have gained notoriety for making skits portraying fake pastors and their actions.

The latest one which incurs the wrath of Evangelist Gloria Kani was the one that shows Pastor Blinks bathing his supposed church member on December 31st Night cross-over service.

Gloria Kani viewed that video with contempt and threatened to curse Pastor Blinks for setting up Christianity for public ridicule.

Days after the threat, the skit maker has replied the actress turned Evangelist.

In a Facebook live video, he said he’s not afraid of curses because since 2017 he keeps rising despite curses directed at him.


He also made mentioned the fact that the motive behind the fake pastor skit is to open the eyes of Christians to the evil deeds some pastors do.







source: ghsplash.com

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