29. September 2022

It ended in tears for illegal immigrants trying to start another informal settlement in snake park


It’s funny how when South African nationals in westrand went to destroy the zama zama’s informal settlements sometime 2 weeks back,A lot of people were out in number calling South Africans xenophobic and heartless because they were making sure that the zama zama’s has no place to stay as they are even here illegally to begin with and they be practicing some illegally mining and other vicious crimes well,

Well be that as it may it seems like the zama zama’s are not prepared to leave mzansi anytime soon. Some of then has went around snake park (next to phase 2 in bramsfitcher) to start a new informal settle luckily the JMPD saw it then then happened ”

See Pics Attached Below:

As you can see from the pics attached above the police did not even give the idea of them starting an informal settle a chance they destroyed it right away leaving a lot of South Africans with so much to say,Here’s what some South Africans has had to say about the destroying of this informal settlement.

So now with all this being said and things being the way they are would you encourage the idea of cleaning out all informal settlements countrywide in a sence that they the ones who seems to house illegal immigrants and dangerous criminals? I mean look at it this way people leaving in informal settlement are usually the poor of the poorest who can do anything including crime for money for food, So don’t you think it’s high time we start keeping an eye in this informal settle to see who’s who?

credit: ireportsouthafrica.co.za