Aside from making money, Kelvyn Boy reveals why he is into music
Kelvyn Boy

Former Bhim Nation record label, Kelvyn Boy has added his voice to the conversation on the LGBTQ community, saying their right should be given to them.

According to him, though he is not in support of their stuff, he believes doing things privately and secretly will help instead of ranting on social media.

According to Kelvynboy, he will not offer his support for the legalization of LGBTQ in Ghana but all individuals in this community can do their stuff privately in their rooms.

In an interview with Joy Entertainment, he said the LGBTQ community must do their things privately rather than seeking its legalization and establishment of headquarters in the country.

He added that homos3xuality is something that hasn’t been accepted in many parts of the world since time immemorial and so it will be wise they do it in secret.