January 13, 2021

Keri Hilson Received Massive Support After Challenging Michelle Obama’s Call To Ban Trump On Social Media

Keri Hilson Received Massive Support After Challenging Michelle Obama's Call  To Ban Trump On Social Media - FashionGHANA.com: 100% African Fashion

The former first lady, 56, urged social media companies such as Twitter and Facebook this week to permanently ban the president and to make sure their platforms would never again be used “to fuel insurrection.”

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“Now is the time for Silicon Valley companies to stop enabling this monstrous behavior and go even further than they have already by permanently banning this man from their platforms,” Obama wrote in a statement on Thursday.

Some believe it was a tactical political move to restrain the resistance of the American people from what over 70% of them believed was rigged.

The comments were made after hundreds of Trump fans protested at the Capitol building in Washington, DC.

A total of five people, including one cop, were killed in the incident with the protestors disrupting Congress’s session to certify Joe Biden’s presidential victory.

Countless videos show that police actually ushered and urged the crowds into the Capitol Building leading many to believe that the protesting Americans were set up and led into a trap to impeach Trump and divert support from the objection of votes.

Keri Hilson Supports Free Speech

However, not all major black voices agree with Michelle Obama! Keri Hilson made her point that she is not a fan of Trump, however, she didn’t agree with the big tech censorship of the American president.

Keri Hilson
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She took to her instagram status and wrote the following “This may be funny. But is a little dangerous too. Take Trump out of it for a moment…A democracy must include freedom of speech. Image other leaders of popular figures not being able to voice their opinion if it opposes the majority of the world leaders…our freedom of speech being taken from us, slowly but surely (censorship). If the leader of the “Free World” can be removed. Imagine that same right of civilians. Imagine believing every time you read “False Information Detected” and propaganda, deceptive reports. And flat out lies being the only thing we see.”

Keri Hilson Disagrees With Ban Of Trump
Keri Hilson Disagrees With Ban Of Trump

Although her comments are in disagreement with Michelle Obama, they were not necessarily directed as an opposition to the former first lady, but it does follow right after the Twitter ban of President Trump on the 8th of January which followed Michelle Obama’s request.

She received massive support across the web, and like most controversial statements some backlash as her black followers took it as though she was supporting Trump. She reshared some of her support.

Keri Hilson’s whose biggest hit featured Kanye West led some critics to assume her rejection of banning free speech for Trump came as a result of that relationship.

Supporting such a call like that made by Michelle Obama could easily backfire the black community and lead to silencing speakers and heads of movements like Louis Farrakhan and Omali Yeshitela when it wrongs the mainstream narrative.

Many right-wing American social media pundits and vloggers are having their channels moved and demonetized, some believe it is a purge of conservative views in America.

Others believe it is the silencing of all who believe America is being dominated by China as broken down by Mark Dice below.

A Divided America

America remains very divided at the moment, many on the left blame this on Trump, and many Trump supporters blame this on the mainstream media for fanning the flames of racism for political clout.

Trump who recently received some acolades for being America’s most admired man and AfricaWorld Man Of The Year is 9 days away from the end of his presidency.


Trump has vowed to continue his journey with other social media platforms that do no censor free speech.








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