Anybody wey wan vex make him vex, but the truth remains Kizz Daniel is not the only one that knows how to drop love songs in the industry.

As a matter of fact, Wizkid has been doing some four, five years before Kizz Daniel even emerged as Kiss Daniel. Remember “Love My Baby,” or “Gidi Girl” or “On Top Your Matter”? I, for one, think if anybody should be called “King of Love” it should be Wizkid.

But okay, let’s consider Kizz Daniel before we start fighting. Kizz is good too, I give him that and he’s been around for quite a while. He’s a good guy, and when it comes to dropping seasoned love numbers.

I remember his first hit single, “Woju” was a stunner in and around 2015. His follow-up to that too, “Laye” was an absolute darling and was shutting down weddings back then.

Fast forward to 2021, and they’re both in different places in their careers, of course. Kizz Daniel has kinda reached a dead-end and is trying to pivot, so he picks the love angle as his strength. This led to his third album, which was called “King of Love.” Yes, that was for a reason.

But while there are songs like, “Ada” and “Boys Are Bad” that passes for love songs, the majority of that album is nothing close to the title. There’s “Jaho,” “Pipa,” “Chek,” “Yapa,” “Fvck You” and believe me, there’s nothing lovely about all of these songs!

But let’s look at Wizkid‘s last project, “Made in Lagos.” More than 50% of that album can pass as love songs. From “Sweet One” to the Ella Mai-assisted “Piece of Me,” or “Smile” or “True Love,” or “Essence.” Ahn ahn, it’s too much nau.

Personally, I think for the title of King of Love, Wizkid beats Kizz Daniel hands down. But I’d like to hear what y’all think anyway.