Veteran Ghanaian actress, Grace Omaboe famed Maame Dokono has figured out the cause of broken marriages in Ghana.

Our background checks has revealed to us that there have been almost four thousand divorces, which statistically means the divorce rate in Ghana is around 10% average if not slightly more.

Well, stating the main reason behind, Maame Dokono said the luxury style of wedding Ghanaians have adopt is causing the recent rampant marriage break ups but we have refused to address the problem.

According to her, most of the married couples borrow huge amount of money to do luxury wedding then after, they get home and think of how to settle the dept. She said since there is a dept ahead, every little that happens usually call for anger and misunderstanding then eventually, the marriage come to a bitter end.

The famous actress noted that during her time, the family of both parties meet at a cool venue and do the necessary rituals then the couple will go home peacefully and enjoy a long lasting marriage but these days people even hire parents to represent their parents which is a curse on the marriage.

She made this known in an interview with Captain Smart on Angel TV monitored by