April 30, 2021

Meal Timetable for the Family

Having a meal timetable for the family can make all the difference between healthy, balanced meals or not. Mealtimes should be easy but sometimes it gets overwhelming to get the meals right. Many parents could do with a meal timetable for the family.

Perhaps you are a busy working mum, or you need some inspiration when it comes to getting your children and family to eat right. It is also possible that you simply need ideas to avoid eating rice every day and need a healthy Nigerian diet.

Typical Meal timetable Challenge

A typical mum decides to prepare a meal timetable for her family which includes her hubby, 2-year-old, and herself. According to her, she thought it was a brilliant idea and that it should be relatively easy. After all, she knew what she wanted for her family; a well-balanced meal timetable. One that would be delicious and nutritious as well as comprising of both African and non-African dishes.

But Alas, when she started she realized that it was actually a lot more difficult than she had anticipated. It was a challenge to create a varied timetable for breakfast, lunch, and dinner for even just a week. Breakfast was not too difficult but having to think of different meals for lunch and dinner was another story.

How to Create a Meal Timetable for the family

In another case, the mother’s challenge was because she did not want to serve a rice meal more than once a week.

Apart from drawing a blank after day 3, she felt that the choices in Lagos are limited. She wanted a variety at affordable prices and easy to prepare meals as she has no-cook, has only a nanny, and works from 8 am – 6 pm, Monday to Friday. This sounds like a lot of LagosMums!

So what are people eating at home? The truth is meals do not have to be boring nor should you have to eat rice every day.

Below is a sample meal timetable list, where rice is served only once a week.

Sample Meal TimeTable
  • Rice and Stew
  • Noodles, mixed vegetables, meat
  • Fried plantain + stew
  • Pasta and sauce
  • Sandwich (with Titus and boiled egg)
  • Chicken and chips
  • Amala + Ewedu/Ila
  • Sweet potato and vegetable sauce
  • Pounded yam + stew/Green salad with fish or chicken
  • CousCous and sauce / Asaro (Yam Pottage) and stew

LagosMums put together a meal timetable that helps you get an idea of how to incorporate healthy eating into your timetable for the whole family.


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