The Ghanaian-born US-based comedian, Michael Blankson, wonders why Ghana has many natural resources, especially trees, but still imports common toothpicks from other countries.

In a tweet on June 22, 2022, spotted by this portal, the entertainer questions why Ghana can’t utilize trees to generate toothpicks in this country.

“Ghana with these damn trees we have where we can’t cut them down and make our own toothpicks?” he quizzes.

His post was in response to a revelation made by Dr. Yaw Adu Gyamfi, President of the Association of Ghana Industry (AGI), that Ghana imported GHC18 million worth of toothpicks from China in 2017 for its hospitality industry.

Ghana as a country has not been able to manufacture toothpicks that are manufactured from bamboo sticks, which are commonly seen in our environment.

In a similar tweet on the same day, Mr. Blankson wishes Ghana would get better infrastructure to attract investors into the country to aid the country’s economic development.

“I wish Africa could find a way to better the infrastructure. This will attract bigger companies to do business and create jobs for our people,” his post reads.

He also emphasized the importance of providing a place for the hawkers to step up their small enterprises.

“Let’s give our people in Africa a place to work, I’m tired of seeing a bunch of stores on legs when I’m stuck in traffic. Yesterday a guy tried to sell me a damn steering wheel,” he stated.