17. August 2022

Ministry of Internal Affairs Speak out on Why they Chased Winnie Nwagi from their Offices


Ministry of Internal Affairs has explained to why they Chased Swangz avenue artist Winnie Nwagi from their Office.

Over yesterday video of Winnie Nwagi surfaced online while being kicked out of the ministry of internal Affairs offices like chicken thief.

While speaking about the incident , the spokesperson Ministry of Internal Affairs Simon Peter Mundeyi,  said that her attire was intolerable that is why she was chased from internal Affairs offices.

Nwagi now might have to reconsider her fashion choices when visiting a few offices around town. Nwagi let her thighs show on her recent visit to the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

The celebrated singer didn’t read the memo that a respectable dress code is an important virtue at the ministry as a female guard is seen talking to Nwagi, supposedly showing her the exit from the premises.

credit: celebpatrol.com

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