My Daughter Locks Herself Up In Her Room Every Two Days, I Put A Camera In Her Room & Saw Her Doing This

A mother has expressed worry over the behavior of her daughter in a post sighted by

According to the woman, she found her daughter doing some weird stuff after she noticed that the daughter always locks herself up in her room every two days.


“I am a single mother with a 17 years old daughter. Even though I work, I make out every possible time for my daughter so she wouldn’t take the wrong path, make bad friends, or make a bad decision as she is growing into adulthood.

5 months before she turns 18, she started isolating herself. She doesn’t talk to me about things she do anymore. She started keeping to herself more.

On some occasions, I noticed that every two days, she would go into her room, shut the door and never come out till the next day. She wouldn’t even bother eating or doing anything the whole day. I called her and asked her what was going on and I tried to make her talk to me, but she wouldn’t budge.

I decided to put a camera in her room before the next two days. After the day came, I took the camera and checked it. I was so shocked at what my daughter was doing. She was holding a ball of light and chanting strange languages. Where could I have gone wrong? My daughter had joined witch cults. What am I going to do?