My husband left me for another woman. This is what I did to get him back-Woman narrates

A woman has revealed the quick-action solution she got after her husband cheated on her with another woman.

There have been several instances where side chics snatch the husbands of women but that was not the case of Alice as she got help which made her get her husband back.

Read Alice’s full story/testimony below:

“I am Alice a teacher in a primary school while my husband is a truck driver. We always helped each other until this fortune day he changed his mind against me.

We met with my husband one day as I was coming from school and a group of thugs were
following me and he saved me. From there we became friends and later married. He always
said he loved me and he had no other woman he loved but me. I loved my husband dearly even if he deceived me and I did everything to protect my marriage.

He always encouraged me in life issues and supported my visions. He worked hard to ensure I have a good life. After several months in my marriage, I became pregnant. He was so happy and promised to take care of the unborn child. I praised him for his words and boldness as a man.

I had complications and my body always aching. When I was taken to the hospital I was admitted but later I had a miscarriage. I was so discouraged about going back home without a baby in the womb. I cried bitterly and lamented but my husband comforted me telling me not to worry we shall still have another child.

My life went back to normal after many encouraging words. It never took long and again. I
became pregnant and this time I became more careful and I delivered a baby boy. I had never seen my husband so happy as that day. He congratulated me and even promised to take me for an out on weekends. I thought everything was fine as my child grew up and I used to go to school with him and he started schooling as his father went back to his job.

One day I started experiencing pregnant signs and when I went for test I was true I was carrying another child. To me it was a surprise I never knew it but I was happy. When my husband returned from his work I informed him and to my surprise and shock he became very angry and told me to abort the child. He never wanted another burden in his house. I tried begging him we keep the child but he refused.

We argued for a long time at night and I told him I had to rethink about what he told me. I loved my unborn child and thinking about abortion it gave me goosebumps, and what if I died? I thought maybe it’s because of fatigue that’s why my husband told me that and kept the issue for another day.

The next day while taking breakfast I tried raising the issue but he declined saying that his words were final and he left for work. That day at school I talked to a friend of mine since she was close to me to give me some piece of advice. She advised me to leave the matter for sometime before raising it again to my husband.

Days passed but his words about abortion were not sinking in my brain as always it kept ringing and disturbing my mind. One day while at school doing my staffs work in the office a female parent visited but she was heavily pregnant almost her time to delivery was near.

She came where I was and said she wanted to talk to me  privately. I excused myself and went in a comfortable place to talk with her. She spoke rudely and I just assumed it was because of the pregnancy, but her last words shocked me.

“I am also your cowife. We share the same husband whenever he tells you he goes for a long journey he always visits me and we stay together happily. He always complains about you not performing the wife’s duties and I feed him and ensure he is safe. Look at me, this is his child I am carrying and I am the one who always pressurizes him for you to abort and you must abort that dirty thing.

He is always mine alone so if you don’t want troubles just leave him or else you will
die with your child.” She said laughing and walked away.

I sat there not knowing what to do but the day was troublesome. So I went home because I couldn’t concentrate at school. Later at night, my husband came back home and I raised the motion about the woman. I was thoroughly beaten to death but afterward he left and told me he always waited for my words and he packed and went to his lovely wife. I couldn’t go to school for a whole week. I had to nurse my wounds and then I resumed work afterward. My colleagues complained about my poor performance in school but my friend always stood by my side.

One day she went to visit her parents and she told them about my situation in which her
mother told her I could find help in kiwanga doctors and she collected the contacts for me.

When I was given the numbers I called them immediately and told them about my problem. I was told not to worry for they had my solution.

Today I have a happy family. My husband came back after using the love spell and also pleaded for my forgiveness and I forgave him. I delivered a baby bouncing girl and resumed my work.