The air of euphoria and good fortune hovering around Oswald Gennuh

who is now widely known as Our Day boy is yet to evaporate?

Days ago, the young man took over the internet after a letter he addressed to his mother demanding things he wants to celebrate their last day of the academic term with (Our Day) in their school on July 30 went viral on Twitter.

Oswald had over 70 companies, including Dolait Ghana, KFC Ghana, Pizza King, Burger King, MTN Ghana, amongst others giving him their products with three A-list Ghanaian artists (KiDi, Mr. Drew, and Dope Nation) pulling up to treat him to a free musical concert amongst other jaw-dropping gifts for him in connection with the aforementioned.

Well, his luck is still shinning after he was allegedly gifted a new jeep to add to his felicity and that of his parents. In a piece of scanty information available to us, the jeep was handed over to him by a wealthy individual who has decided to remain anonymous.

We still can’t verify if this is really true but of course, we’ll keep you posted on any further development.

Watch the clip below;

Also in the news, Yul Edochie has cautioned men to cut their wedding coats according to their cloth in order to avoid huge embarrassment and regret.

The thespian who’s gradually doing well as a filmmaker said it’s unwise for a man to borrow a huge sum of money to throw a lavish wedding only to be in debt afterward.

In his opinion, any lady that exerts pressure on the prospective husband to have a huge wedding despite the fact that their financial standing is in no position to do that and requires borrowing has no love for man.

He shared this sentiment in a new post he shared on Instagram;

“Don’t borrow money to do a big wedding and be in debt afterward. It’s not a smart move. Cut your coat according to your size. Do the level of wedding you can afford. Then face your hustle. You’re not here to impress anybody.

God might bless you one or two years after then you can decide to spend your millions on your wedding anniversary annually.

If your spouse is pressuring you to borrow money and do a lavish wedding to impress people when he or she knows you don’t have the money then that person doesn’t love you.”