08. August 2022

Prayer Where God Talks to You


1. WOW! this was the most amazing thing I have experienced before. I could feel the embracement of god and I could feel his love. god has shown me many things through this and has taught me a lot through my experiences. this brought tears to my eyes and I never cry about anything unless someone dies or I lose a loved one. god has touched me and I feel at peace right now. the feeling is so great! what god has told me that he wanted me to share with the world is based on the second coming of Christ and the end times. he stood up in the field of wildflowers and he told me to look at the beauty of his creation, his art, and his wilderness he has made. he has told me that there will be none left on earth within your lifetime, and that you must teach people of the end times and how to be ready. he told me to teach my wife, when I get one, as well as my kids. I’m only 17 but god has told me that it will be in my time that he will come, he says that the warnings that are in the bible will come. i suggest that you read revelations, Matthew and Daniel. he also said when you (all who Jesus has saved) enter into heaven you will see a lot more of the beauty of gods perfection than on earth. as far as gods will for my life, he has told me that he cannot show me at this point in my life, but that when he does show me, that my will, will be a very important thing. he says, i would save many souls and lives and that I will heal many. I don’t know how he is going to have me do that but i am waiting patiently for his timing. for each of us he gives a different message, and the message he does give is heartwarming, and loving. if you are reading this and haven’t tried it out I strongly suggest you try it. it made my heart melt, and I cried. I could see myself crying on Jesus’ shoulder and asking for forgiveness and to show me mercy and love, and he has! its a great feeling please try it.

2. I just finished your exercise and wanted to share my experience with you. My wife and I just recently lost our unborn baby 13 weeks into the pregnancy. My wife just recently got laid off from her high paying job of two years. I was just laid off my job of 8 years as a General Manager with a large public Canadian company. You would think that we as a couple may be angry and resentful, however I feel the exact opposite. I asked God to free me from the stress of my job and help me find something that I was destined to do according to his will. The loss of our baby was important for I felt that my wife and I needed to ground ourselves and find our purpose or at least an idea as to where we need to be. We have been caught in the material empty web for too long.

3. God told me to love and forgive and He gave me a piece of light to carry with me.

4. I imagined all the sweet things, like ocean, beach, path, water, and flowers. I was in touch with God–I was wearing white. I sat under a tree and was whole with God. He said nothing but His face was beautiful and He even wiggled His toes. Forgiveness was so much there. I went off with Him.

5. I felt a warm comforting feeling growing within me. As the figure moved closer I could feel the contentment I want or need. As I was embraced, the glowing sensation assured me of love, and took away my insecurities, and left me with a feeling of what it means to feel alive. I can still feel the feeling.

6. I seriously tried to reach ‘conscious contact’ for the third time since I’ve been here. For the first time I felt something. I saw my Power as a bright and warm light. I asked for help, forgiveness, and strength, for Him to PLEASE love me too. I asked for strength–thanked Him for the fact that I am alive and here. And that we all are alive and here. Felt, (still feel) a beautiful warm feeling inside my whole body!

7. He sat by me then we got up and went for a walk on the beach and I asked Him questions. He asked me what I wanted most out of life. And I said, “money, to be secure.” And He said, “If I lived within you, would you feel secure?” And I thought, Wow! Yes, Yes I would, so He blended into me and I felt the best feeling ever. And then I walked on the beach alone feeling great.

8. God told me that I had to work with my wife, show her love, compassion, trust, talk to her, share with her, and hold her. He told me to pray for her. He didn’t really talk to me much. He is going to help me in my sobriety. My wife and I are someday going to have wonderful, healthy children.

9. I saw myself enter God and see myself, I didn’t see me clearly, but I did hear God saying to me after I went back by the tree that He loves me, and that no matter what, He always has. God has chosen me to be His Son. I didn’t know why. While I was seeing through His eyes, I did see a young man that was very afraid, and lonely, and hurt, and didn’t even want God to know how he felt. He had a hard time looking at God eye to eye, and he seemed closed off to the fact that God took the time to even come see him. He just could not believe that God would come and see him.

10. God told me to love my family.

11. I just felt at peace with my surroundings and myself. I felt loving and loved.

12. He said, “Spread the good news and be my messenger.”

13. As I was sitting against the tree, Jesus sat down across from me and smiled. He spoke no words, but I heard Him in my head. He offered me love and peace–serenity. I felt His love and peace flow through me–all the while, He kept smiling.

14. I saw Jesus and after we established eye contact He said these words:

Bless you my son

For the life you have been leading

has been all but fun.

Take those evil feelings that

you’ve bestowed in your pocket.

Position them to your side

and release them like a rocket.

15. It happened that there was a presence, not really anything visual. But I knew I wasn’t alone. I was at peace and felt okay–safe.

16. He walked up to me and said I have a wonderful family and to be strong and everything will be all right.

17. Felt happy–safe.

18. Everything went as you said until I sat down and talked with God. Then God and I talked about my sins and how I need to live a good life. How to keep speaking to Him for the answers and forgiveness.

19. At first I was concentrating too hard. Towards the middle and beginning not much happened cause I tried too hard. There was a peaceful feeling; much like it is just before I sleep. I almost did fall asleep, and that seemed to let everything fall the to the wayside. When I let go, it seemed like I was sort of looking into the future. The way I’m going to be when I have a sober mind, body, and spirit. I seemed so peaceful in thought, in action, and in words. I thought of some of my friends, who will be using still and was kind of filled with sorrow for them, because they could not experience the inner peace I felt.

20. When I sat down, I was kind of scared. But then He started talking and He said He loved me. He is sorry that I was hurt but He wanted me to understand that it was a teaching. He said that now I am beginning to let love in. He said that I would be loved. There was some bad perception in it.

21. I saw God and God walked with me and talked to me.

22. My Son I love you dearly, and I am going to send you the Holy Spirit to, Dwell Within you.” Then at that moment I felt Heat Surge throughout my body, my legs, my arms, pretty much everything, Then the heat went away, and came back onto my Hands. Then God continued by saying: “Do you feel the Heat? My Son I have forgiven you completely for all you are to be held accountable for, and I ask of you to do the same as well, for all Who’ve sinned against you. The world is consumed with Darkness and I’d like you to be a light for all that Darkness. I shall be your light in the darkness of the night. I will give you a flashlight, empowered, by the light of love and reasoning. That light shall be your guide in the darkness. Through you many Whom are lost will be found, and through you new family members shall arrive to the family of God. The hungry will be fed, and the thirsty will drink. It is not yet time for me to send you on your mission. The time Will arrive after I have tested you, I will test your Mercy by giving you power over your enemies. When you have passed the test, I will give you more details on your mission. I will then also give you the choice to follow me, or to walk on your own path. Which is Why I shall encourage you to follow me. For If you took your own path you will plunge into deeper darkness, you will be blinded with selfish ambition, and you will be caught into a web of material emptiness. You will also gain the Capital sin of Greed. If you were to follow me however, You will work wonders amongst people, You will be guidance to those who are lost, you will feed the hungry, Give drink to the thirsty, and shall be empowered with the goodness and light of fortitude, and love. You shall need fortitude, for quite an amount of courage is required. Sleep now, my son for it is getting late, Peace be with you.” And at that moment The conversation ended and I tried to sleep. Before I did, I recalled a miracle God did. It was in the kitchen, and I was drinking water, and the glass got empty because I finished it. “God I’m thirsty,” I said, So I just decided to walk over to the sink and get a drink of water, but when I was filling up a glass of water, I stared over at the empty glass of water, and there it was, The empty glass was now filled with WATER!!! I knew it couldn’t be anyone else because I was alone in the house at the time, My Brother was somewhere else, and so forth, I was the only one there at the time.

23. I felt as though love was flowing like river through me. It was pulsing through my body. I felt warm in a cold room. I felt loved more than I have ever felt loved. I realized how much I love God, but to keep that love I must keep communicating just like any other love, or friendship. God’s love is unlike any other. All my problems seem to be gone now. This was a great experience. I hope to talk to God like this more often.

I found many things fascinating about these experiences. A message was there for all but a very few. Some of them stated that nothing happened, but as I spoke to them after the exercise, most of those people did have something to report. The reason they wrote nothing happened is they were confused about how to describe their experience. Something had happened, but it was beyond their normal experience.

To all of these people, God communicated a warm powerful feeling of love. This was at the core of every message.

It was not difficult for these people to tune in God’s voice. It took a simple exercise. In this clinical population of drug addicts there are liars, thieves, prostitutes, child molesters, atheists, agnostics, and believers. God communicated with them all. It did not seem to matter who they were. God came to them with a message that stated I am God, I am alive, I love you, I forgive you, and I will help you.

God did not always communicate to these individuals in words inside their thinking. Sometimes it was a feeling or a visual image. In one case God came as a texture. But one thing was consistent: the person was convinced it was God. After the session, many people expressed their complete and utter joy. Many had been so weighted down with guilt that they believed God had abandoned them.







source: godtalkstoyou.com