September 29, 2019

Salinco And Wife Celebrate Marriage Anniversary, See Their Only Son

15th September marked the birthday of Ghanaian actor Abraham Davis, who is popularly known as Oboy Salinko and in true zionfelix style, a birthday presentation was made.

It was a double celebration because the birthday also coincided with his marriage anniversary.

A very grateful Salinko and wife were all thankful to Zionfelix for his gifts; a cake and framed picture.

The very lovely Mrs. Salinko expressed her undying love for her husband and everything he represents.

Salinko who has been in the movie industry for 18 years took the opportunity to thank all his loyal fans for the huge support they accord him.

He however asked people to be quite circumspect when commenting on social media.

According to him, some of the things said are for humor and shouldn’t be taken to heart at all.

Salinko has been married to his lovely wife for a couple of years and they have been blessed with a son called Derek.









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