September 30, 2020

Secessionists may attack other regions – Vladimir Antwi-Danso

The Dean of Academic Affairs at the Ghana Armed Forces Command and Staff College, Dr. Vladimir Antwi-Danso has cautioned security agencies to be vigilant as the secessionists may attack other parts of the country.

Speaking on Eyewitness News, Dr. Antwi-Danso explained that the secessionists may have a grand agenda than is perceived and thus called on security agencies not to be fixated only on the areas that have been attacked.

“Such actions are very dangerous, as they have turned security agencies attention to the Volta Region. I will not be surprised to hear tomorrow that they have attacked the Western and Northern Regions, unrelated to the focus. The focus now is the Volta Region, but let us not limit our focus to the region. Their aim is to cause instability and so they can attack anywhere at all.”

“All institutions and citizens should be on high alert. Let us not politicize this. It is not Voltarians alone who may be behind this. This may be a grand agenda,” he added.

Dr. Antwi-Danso however commended the security agencies for their efforts so far.

“I think they [security agencies] are on top of their game. They have been able to make some arrests. So far, so good, I believe they are handling it well,” he added.

Heavy security presence

The Homeland Study Group Foundation (HSGF) during the early hours of Tuesday, September 29, 2020, attacked the local office of STC in Ho, beat up some of the drivers and set ablaze one of its buses.

On Friday members of the separatist group mounted roadblocks on the Juapong–Accra, and Sogakope–Accra main roads.

Some attackers also besieged the Aveyime and Mepe police stations freeing inmates and making away with assault rifles and shotguns.

A group also attacked the North Tongu District Assembly and made away with a Toyota Hilux pick-up vehicle belonging to the Assembly after they took the official Toyota Land cruiser pick-up belonging to the Tongu Divisional Commander of Police, Dennis Fiakpui.

At least one person was killed following the ensuing confrontations between police and the purported secessionists.

About 35 persons were arrested following the disturbances on Friday.

On Monday, September 28, 2020, 31 of them were put before a circuit court in Accra and charged on three counts of conspiracy to commit the crime of rioting, the substantive offense of rioting, and being at an unlawful place.

The Homeland Study Group Foundation and its allied sects are seeking the creation of an independent state known as Western Togoland from the Volta Region, Oti Region and parts of the Upper East and neighbouring regions.











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