December 5, 2020

Shama MP bids constituents farewell with potable water project for Supomu-Dunkwa

The outgoing Member of Parliament for Shama, Ato Panford, has bid farewell to the residents of Supomu-Dunkwa with the completion of a potable water supply system for the community.

Supomu-Dunkwa community though close to the Inchaban Water treatment plant has never enjoyed potable water.

Residents of the community rely on water from the Pra River for domestic and commercial activities, which is heavily populated by illegal miners.

The Member of Parliament for Shama, Ato Panford in August last year, cut the sod for the construction of a 4.5-kilometre water pipeline from the Daboase Water headworks to supply the community.

Despite losing his candidature to contest the Shama seat in the upcoming general elections, Ato Panford has committed to the successful completion of the phase-1 of the pipeline from the Daboase water treatment Plant to Supomo Dunkwa.

Speaking at the commissioning of the project, the MP said the pipeline will be supervised by the Community Water and Sanitation Department for efficient management of the facility.

He therefore urged residents to vote for the New Patriotic Party Parliamentary Candidate for Shama, Erickson Abekah to continue the development he has started.

“I am entrusting the second phase in the hands of my colleague Erickson Abakah. The NDC can’t do this for you. Don’t vote for the NDC to derail us. We have the Highway Rest-stop project coming, the new Senior High School project, One District One Factory initiatives and many others coming up. We can’t afford to lose.”

The Second Lady, Samira Bawumia who graced the commissioning of the water project commended Ato Panford for his hard-work, resulting in the successful competition of the water project.

“Congratulations on a wonderful achievement. A vote for the NPP is a vote for improvement and prosperity. Be reminded that your vote on Monday will guarantee the commencement of phase 2 of this project. This is what the NPP stands for; caring for the people of this country. Caring about the development of the country.”

The Supom-Dunkwa water extension project was lobbied for by the MP but funded with a GH¢580,907.19 facility secured by the Ghana Water Company Limited (GWCL).











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