June 20, 2021

Stop painting us black – Guru to women ahead of Father’s Day

Father’s Day is usually not celebrated with the fanfare that greets Mother’s Day, something that many men complain about.

For many people, the irresponsible and bad behaviours of men is the reason why people shun the day. But as the world prepares to celebrate Father’s Day on Sunday, June 20, Hiplife artiste Guru is pleading with mothers to stop creating enmity between children and their fathers.

According to him, men should not be the enemy when there are issues between parents. “Most women pollute the minds of their children and make men the bad ones when there is a separation.

“They create tension between the father and the children by telling them stuff they shouldn’t even hear, painting the men black. I can say that there are wonderful fathers out there who can take better care of the children than some mothers but they have been painted black,” he told Graphic Showbiz.

Guru said fathers shape children better by disciplining them in a way most mothers cannot do. “The women themselves know that fathers are the best when it comes to disciplining children. You cannot take away the role of fathers, we make sure the home is safe and provide for the family,” he said.

Wishing all fathers a Happy Father’s Day, Guru also cautioned men who are not responsible to be serious.

“To all men who are not responsible and have neglected their roles as fathers, I want to tell them it is not too late to start being responsible. I am responsible when it comes to playing my role as a father and I want all men to do same,” he stated.

Away from that, Guru also explained why he has not been too active on the music scene lately saying he has been engaged in other businesses.

“Sometimes, you need to do other businesses so that you don’t go broke. It is always advisable to do something else apart from your main job so that when the music is not paying, you can rely on that,” he said.

The Lapaz Toyota hitmaker also said he is putting finishing touches to a new song he intends to release by the end of this month.










Source: graphic.com.gh



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