February 9, 2019

“My Students Don’t Have Dirty Minds” – Curvy Secondary School Teacher Reacts

Just recently, some hot photos of a schoolteacher made the rounds on social media and have been trending ever since they hit the internet. Pictures of the yet-to-be identified teacher have gone viral after they were first uploaded on the popular SM website, Twitter.
You all remember this bootolicious Teacher lukumenziwa who went viral because of her curvy body. Well, the curvy teacher have spoken on a live video she did on her page recently stating that she knows she is now popular and have seen several comments about her like people saying they are not going to concentrate and other things. Meanwhile she has also come to defend her students saying her student don’t have the pervert dirty minds other on social media are having.



She said she teaches teenagers and they don’t have ‘dirty minds’ like people on Instagram. See some of her new photos below



See some reactions below:



While some internet users feel the lady’s dressing to school is okay, others think it’s inappropriate considering that it may affect the thoughts of the schoolchildren especially the male students. See reactions on social media:

*** I mean nothing wrong with repeating what was your favourite grade/ year in high school..just apply lol


*** Which school is this? I wanna go and ask something after school that is?

*** So this well built teacher mele agqoke oversized clothes ngoba some of you can’t appreciate this beauty,come on leave the poor woman alone.


*** my business economics teacher use to do that coz the boys would harass if she wore a skirt or tight jeans. she was only 23/24 at that time. she has since moved to an all-girl school n dresses as she pleases

*** It’s education swag. School kids must know that you can still be clean, dress well and be good looking. By not having income via twitter brand endorsements.We need more of this. If possible our teachers must try get permission to earn extra income so they can buy luxury cars also.



Source: dailyadvent

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