29. September 2022

The stranger at the door


“Wow, Mr. Tayo must be such a lover boy to have sent me a package on the morning of our first official date,” I thought to myself. “That’s true,” I said in agreement. Then I noticed that another call was intruding on our conversation. I checked my phone screen to find out it was the dispatch rider. “Hold on babe, the dispatch rider is probably here, let me call you later.

I ended our call and answered the call from the dispatch rider. From our conversation, he was outside my gate so I stepped out to see him and get my package.

My package looked quite more extensive than expected so I rushed in to open it. The package was mesmerizing but the note attached to it made me shiver.

“Wait for a second, it’s not Mr. Tayo that sent the package?” I thought to myself. I immediately unwrapped my package and it was a dinner dress from one of the luxurious female brands in Lagos, it was a shiny white dress, it looked exactly like something I would want. So I detached the not from the package and it was a note from my ex, Chuma. It read, Hi Enny,

“If you’re reading this, you must have gotten your dress. I saw that you posted it on your Instagram story some months ago that you liked it, so I got it for you. I just got into town a few days ago and I feel like we could meet up for one or two discussions.

I would like it if we forget our past and move forward by meeting on a date tonight. If you’re down for this, call me on…”

The address and the venue were attached to the note but I stopped reading and tore the note. “Good riddance to bad rubbish,” I muttered.

I sank into my couch feeling disappointed that the dress was not from Mr. Tayo. “This Tayo guy sef, when he’s supposed to show up, he will disappear, it’s when they did not send him that he will be forming Mr. romantic. I looked at the beautiful shiny dress in front of me and decided to try it on.

After fitting it, it suited my body shape perfectly. “Omoo, what if I wear this to the date with Mr. Tayo?” I thought to myself. “Good idea,” I answered. But on second thought, a spirit whispered, “what if you run into Chuma in this dress?”

credit: pulse.ng